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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Movie review: Badmaash Company : A Bad Mash of a film

The biggest con in this film is that of the director. That he conned the producer to pump in crores of rupees in the film, conned known actors to work in it and got the film released is the biggest achievement. That is Parmeet Sethi's biggest achievement, coz what he had for a script was a bumbling no brainer. The script apparently must have been written by one of his sons when they were in standard 4 and he would have decided to back it. Then he would have watched back to back episodes of the British series Hustle and decided to copy the style blindly.

I must give the film some credit. The film starts kiddishly with silly humour, but then by the end of the first half picks up pace with a well executed con. But then the second half is such a distater that I seriously wonder how didnt anybody on the set realise the same. I am amazed by Parmeet's con-abilities. So, we have these 3 idiots who have just finished their engineering. Shahid is the blessed one, engineering topper. His father still believes that he is only capable enough to become a peon in an office. So much for setting the film in 1994, the engineering/doctor era! He wants his son to do an MBA, and start working in a stable job like he has done all his life. But Shahid goes against his fathers advice, starts his own BADMAASH company and starts making money by conning the system. The first half turns out to be bearable, but in the second half they land up in the US to continue their conning ways. And con after con, the film becomes more absurd than before. The success goes to Shahids head, which leads to his fall and then the film converts into a moral science lesson while you start tearing your hair out.

There are several problems with this film. The music is atrocious. The director feels that the way to make a con film successful is not having a brilliant idea, but by having the lead actors walk towards the camera in a single file in slow motion, with heavy music playing in the background ( like Reservoir Dogs). After every fifteen minutes the 4 main leads of the film wear goggles and walk in style to heavy music. The problem is also that if you want to make a con film, why do you bring your conscience into it? Forget morals for a minute and make an intelligent con film. It is an utterly confused film, the director not knowing what he wants to show. Then there is the problem of charcter development. The characters change their colors so easily that you yourself get confused. The transformation of Shahid from a good natured starry eyed man, to a brat and then his instantaneous realisation is wildly amaeturish. Even Anushka Sharma converts from a slutty, ultra modern girl to a devoted girlfriend in the blink of an eye! I will stop for now, or this would get converted to a 500 page novel on How Not to make a film !!!

What I liked in the film, is the honest effort by Chang, Vir and Anushka. Shahid for one, is suddenly going the Fardeen Khan way. He is giving flops at the rate Sachin makes centuries. As far as his performance is concerned it is apparent that he needs a good director to make him really act , otherwise he remains an SRK wannabe. Parmeet Sethi should perhaps throw away his Hollywood con films collection and the Hustle series collection and have a look at the Indian con film like Johnny Gaddar - one gem of a film. Even Bluffmaster and 99m were not this confused. You cannot alienate yourself from your surrounding while making a film. Also, I think its time I write a script in 2 to 3 hours of free time and push it with YRF and I would try to make it a no brainer. I am sure the IDIOTS approving the scripts would fund me with crores and add in an SRK.

Chalo, I must work now. As for you , do not go to the theaters for this one. Its all style, no substance and one bad mash of a film!

Rating : 3  / 10


News on the move said...

never read ur review completely but ur rating is perfect...i would hav erated it the same...

Pavan said...

i think it deserves a 1.25 more
since the first half was quite good...

Cw Novianto N said...

Very good information and u've got a nice blogger

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