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Friday, May 21, 2010

Movie Review: Shrek Forever After - An almost appropriate ending, but not quiet!

Genre : Animation 

The only thing really disappointing about the final edition is that it ends a widely loved franchise. Otherwise, its more than a watchable film. Though strictly speaking, the first two editions were brilliant and this ones just plain good. Even if you compare it to the films that have come out before this one - How to Train your dragon, Up - this ones ordinary.

Shrek has a happy little life with his kids, his friends, his friends kids etc and his life has become a cycle of waking up, feeding kids, cleaning them, having food with his friends, singing songs and going back to sleep again. All's well on the surface, but Shrek is frustrated by the monotony in his life. He is not the same old feared Ogre, he used to be and he hates it. So out of frustration, he signs up a magical deal to get back his old life for just one day. Ofcourse, it's not just an ordinary deal and a whole new adventure starts.

What is really awesome about the movie is the 3-D experience. The movie is deliberately made for a 3D audience and many of the sequences look especially awesome due to the 3D effect. Also, like all the franchises, the humor rocks. Donkey, Puss in Boots and the villainous RumpelStiltskins are hilarious, and so are the take offs on the good old fairy tales. The first half ends with you wanting more.

The problem with the movie is that its too familiar. Everything you look at is like something you have already seen. Shrek has the same main characters, the same setting and it does not convert into something extraordinary. That does not mean that it's not enjoyable. Infact it is really a good time at the movies.

So if you are an OGRE lover, go to the theaters right away, coz I am sure this is your best bet this weekend. I am upset though, because even though the poster says ITS NOT OGRE, UNTIL ITS OGRE -- Its actually over....and not exactly with as big a bang as I expected.

Rating : 6.5 / 10


Pavan said...

they way they wrote shrek 3, its good they will not be writing anymore shreks in future..this franchise should now be handed over to some different writer to infuse life into the movies...else its injustice to the love-able Ogres!
We all want to see them back but not with the same writers!

Jwalant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
online movies said...

Hay I haven't seen this movie yet. I am a big fan of animated movies. After reading your review I was just thinking that how could I miss such an interesting movie. Thanks for sharing the blog. Now I am going to watch this movie as soon as possible.

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