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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movie Review : Love, Sex aur Dhoka - Beyond expectations...

Welcome to the world of digital cinema - a film-making medium for the common man. If you have a good concept, a limited budget and a good team - go for it. And thats exactly what Dibanker has done. He has 3 decent provocative stories, a taut screenplay and some very good unknown actors. What he benefits from, though,  is some really high-fi digital cams and very good post production.

I have no idea why I had not watched this movie yet, but thank god I did. Dibanker has taken a shooting concept, now quiet common in Hollywood movies and used it to shoot 3 provocative stories. When you have a title like LSD - love, sex and dhoka, half battle is already won. So, the first story deals with a director and an actress who fall in LOVE while making a romantic diploma film. They elope and get married with disastrous consequences. The second story is about how a man lures a girl into having SEX with him, records it on camera and sells the sex tape. And the third is about DHOKA a sting operation , where a journalist and a wanna-be dancer try to bring to light the casting couch ways of a popular pop star.

The first story sets things up with a jarring end, but overall its a less than ordinary story. What stays with you is the innovative story telling. The second story is the best of the lot. It has some awesome characters, the best of which is a Haryanwi speaking bitchy sales-girl. The main cast Raj Yadav and Neha Chauhan also d an excellent job. The characterisation of the man who sets out to lure a average looking girl, falls in love, but still goes ahead with his nefarious plan for want of money is excellent; hardhitting and brutal. The third story is lifted by the excellent performances by Arya Devdutta as the wanna-be dancer and Herry Tangdi as the popstar.

The language used is as brutal as the imagery. The realism of the movie is maintained by deliberate mistakes in shooting, like shaking camera, off center characters and abrupt cuts. But the narration does not suffer throught the film and is seemless. Though it would be difficult for an average viewer to digest, it is refreshing to see such a raw film coming from Bollywood. What makes this kind of film making difficult, is that there are a lot of big scenes to be shot in one go, with the best coordination required from the whole team and on this aspect the whole team comes up tops. Complex scenes are executed to perfection, like the Store Shootout sequence or the scene where the journalist jumps from the bridge to save the wanna-de dancer.

Overall, despite its flaws this is an excellent film by Dibanker and surely is beyond my expectations.

Rating : 7 / 10 ( I feel generous today :)


atlee said...

awesome take viru...

The movie was a treat for anyone who appreciates cinema or tries to understand it closely.

andy said...

haven seen this flick...will do after ur review.

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