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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie Review: Road, the Movie - Dont go down this path !

Some movies are for entertaining the public, some are for enlightening them, some are a product of the directors need to tell a story and some are just ego trips. Road, is a movie made to satisfy the whims of Dev Benegal.

It’s about this supposed ROAD trip, which Abhay Deol takes up. He is bored of his family's Hair Oil business, so volunteers to take an Uncle's "Cinema-on-Wheels" to its final resting place. On the way he meets some interesting characters and his journey is "Soporific" to say the least.

Abhay Deol may have a cult status, because of the kind of movies he chooses to be in, but frankly he is extremely challenged as an actor. His unidimensional roles prove that and in this film he continues to be the obnoxious, fleety guy he was in Dev D - minus the drugs ofcourse! Satish Kaushik does a good job of the decent role he gets after a long long time. He should probably continue acting, rather than directing movies. Mohammad Faizal as the smart-ass kiddo is just about ok and Tannishtha Chatterjee is alright in her smallish role.

The problem with the movie is that it is too self-indulgent. For 15 minutes you have to stare at a rickety truck's tyre travelling on surfaces of various colours and patterns. Come to think of it, the Director shows you exactly what he states - ROAD !! Good frames, seem to have taken precedence over a half decent screenplay. When the director cant even hold your attention for 95 minutes, then there must be something seriously wrong with the writing. Half way through the film you are tired and want to leave. Maybe it’s because of Abhay Deol's weird screen presence. He does not have the personality or the charm to hold you.

Also, the humour seems to be forced. Infact the director throws in some inexplicably juvenile humour towards the end, which is an attempt in parody, but he fails completely. The hero falls into the trap of a nefarious Water-Dacoit, and gets out of his clasp by giving him a Mardaangi inducing TEL-MAALISH(oil head massage). You meanwhile, start tearing your hair out and start wishing for a Tel Maalish yourself.

When a TEA STALL guy starts referring to Starbucks, you should understand that it’s not made for Indian Audiences. This movie was made to be on the ROAD to various film festivals and bore audiences across the world. The only thing top class in this film is the cinematography, credited to Michel Amathieu.

Not many would have ventured into the theater for this one, but I was a sucker for its promos and Abhay Deol choice of films. Unfortunately, this one bored me to the helm. It really falls into the “Fest Film” category and is beyond us “mere-mortals”. Dont go down this path, unless you want to pander to the director’s self-indulgence.

Rating : 3 / 10 - (for the cinematography and a decent background score)

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