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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie Review : Karthik Calling Karthik - Not just a Missed call.....

Genre : Thriller.

Karthik Calling Karthik is what I call a low-budget semi-intelligent film. For most it would also be a taut suspense too, though I had put together the pieces half way through the first half.

So KCK is about a loser, who is also a loner. He starts getting calls from a guy who sounds like him, knows about him and call himself Karthik.These calls change his life. He starts becoming something from nothing. But once he reveals this to his girlfriend and doctor, the guy on the phone gets pissed and ruins his life. Who is the guy on the phone? Will Karthik be able to save himself from this guy? Thats what the movie is about.

The movie is not what you would call a slick flick. It meanders. Specially in the beginning. He looks like a loser, acts like a loser and is treated like one. But once he begins to change, you do not understand how an IIM graduate who is also topper in CA examinations could be this loser in a small private company. The movie does have its share of good comedy, perfectly executed by Farhan in his innocent style, but sometimes the comedy is too childish and feels forced. The first half of the movie is quiet cumbersome, but once you get to the second half, it does throw its share of surprises. The thrills increase and you do feel the pain of the protagonist. But finally, being a film sometimes logics go for a toss and the end is a little dissapointing.

The background score is good and keeps the tension up. Some scenes are elevated by the Midival Pundit and Karsh Kale's backgrounds. The songs are pretty decent.

The film belongs to Farhan Akhtar. You live with him and the other characters are just supporting him through the film. Akhtar  has his limitations as an actor, but he does emote very well. You cannot really differentiate between characters he has played earlier and what he is in this film. He isnt versatile but he is sincere and does a very good job. He plays the suave and the loser with equal sincerity. What he has to work on , is his dialogue delivery. It lacks that punch and  though this movie gave him ample scope to really let go, he seemed stretched. You put someone like an Irfan Khan in the same role and you would see the difference. Deepika Padukone is like a mantle piece, both in beauty and in expressions. Her limitations as an actress are glaring and she has to work really hard to either keep looking this good or to improve her acting skills, coz someday people might just get bored.

Overall the movie is a average thriller, which picks up its pace later. Decent first movie by Vijay Lalwani and I am sure he must have been helped by Akhtar's presence on the sets. Go get it in the theaters if you have nothing else to do, but do not expect an exceptional film. Its a decent film and not just a missed call.

Rating : 6 / 10


andy said...

...kya yaar viru, i was waiting for your review aur dukhi ho gaya. Was hoping for a 7/10 cos' I thought you might rate it above Rann and Ishqiya. :( ;)

will discuss this flick with you when we meet in a person sometime.

Hari said...

yaar viru, i liked the movie... liked farhan's performance... infact for a change, deepika is decent... think she is much much better in this movie than she was in love aaj kal for which she has been nominated for best actress in almost all award functions...

nikhilrao said...

Viru Dear... i too liked this movie as it kept me hooked on for the 2 hour length... Though I agree that this movie could have been slicker and meaner... tab jaake sahi foot thi..

nikhilrao said...
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nikhilrao said...
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pragya said...

I think you underrated Farhan's performance as he really looked good more in respect of sense of humour. Ya even I thot that an IIM and CA record holder cannot land in such a filthy job. That was a major loophole. It was a great movie but a decent watch. Infact, the suspense was really good. But again they kept stretching it for sometime, when he was out in Kerala, which took away some fun.

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