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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland : Dark and Dull...

Tim Burton makes some dark, nutty films and Alice in Wonderland, has his signature look and feel to it. But what it lacks is entertainment value.

This story is not the original; it is a sequel to the same. So here, a nubile Alice returns to the rabbit hole to fulfill a prophecy. The problem with the story is that it is not engaging enough. It doesn’t have the charm of the original. Also the story-telling is extremely grim and with hardly any captivating sequences.

The characters in this film are also not too endearing, except for the nutty "Mad-Hatter" played brilliantly by Johnny Depp and the “Red Queen” played by Helena Carter. Also, the background score lacks the strength to really suck you into the scenes.

What the movie scores on, is “Visual Effects” and the 3-D experience. If you watch this film, you will realize what an actual 3-D experience is. The wonderland though bleak and grim - is fantastic. But that is not enough to hold your attention.

Though this movie is topping the US, UK charts, it’s mainly because of the Johnny Depp drawing power and nothing else. Watch this only if you are an avid fan of his; else go take a chance on some other small-budget Hindi film!

Rating : 4 / 10


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