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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ROCKET SINGH: honest and worth watching

Directed by : shimit amin

Here is an honest story of harpreet singh bedi , after graduating he decides to become a salesman with a computer sales company. As a trainee within a few days he makes such a big mistake puts his career on halt , because he was HONEST. Colleagues strart making fun of him. In this whole situation he tries to make his own way by creating a new company it self with the help of his few colleagues and unknowingly gives tough competition to the company where he is working as a trainee .

First ,even though with running time of almost 150min the movie does not allow you to think anything else than the movie, it holds viewer’s attention completely. By this it wins half the battle.

The movie is entertaining from start to finish with a message of honesty is the best policy.

If we talk about performances all the actors are very good specially gauhar khan, D Santosh , Naveen Kaushik and Manish Chaudhary . above all the rocket singh RANBIR KAPOOR , he has shown that no one could have done this role better than him.

Shimit amin has always handled this kind of stories very well starting from AB TAK CHHAPPAN ,CHAK DE INDIA and now this one. Jaydeep sahani has written an interesting screenplay .

Over all an excellent team effort resulting in a movie worth watching. TOTAL PAISA VASOOL.

RATING : 7.5 out of 10.

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ViruS said...

cool review dost.. looking forward to more :)

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