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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Movie Review - Rocket Singh - Does manage to Rock-it a bit...watch it...

Rocket Singh is a well intentioned, well researched film. It is bang on - on the realities of life of a salesman. Unfortunately, the film falters a bit in the "filmy" part, because it tries to be both idealistic and realistic at the same time.

Rocket Singh is the story of a young graduate who has just managed to scrape through his studies. He is not too ambitious, but he is confident of his capabilities. He is what you call a "Virgin" in the corporate world, untill he gets ...eh...a taste of reality. His ideals are tossed into the garbage bin, as he enters the big bad dog-eat-dog world of business (especially sales). And then with all his ideals intact, and by bending a few rules he tries to fight the system.

Shimit and Jaideep do an exceptional job in bringing out the nuanses of a thoroughbread sales office. Infact the first half is like a breath of fresh air. You can almost relate to every second dialogue, if you have worked in a sales environment. Even if you cant relate to it, you can certainly enjoy it, because the dialogues and punch lines are brilliantly executed.

Its the second half that falters. It tries to be realistic and idealistic. In its intention to drive in a point that business can be done in a certain way, it shades the world into whites and blacks for a while and then again goes to greys.The thing I found dissapointing is, if you are making a point then stop at the harsh reality, rather than concocting a situation which seems totally unrealistic.

Also, the film might not appeal to youngsters or people who cannot relate to this situation and it takes a little more time to drive the point than it should. But then my problem was not the length but the end. They wanted to give that feel good factor in the end, as well as stick to their guns of harsh reality - and in this very dilemma created a bit of a dull end.

The background score is excellent, throughout the film. But the songs are just there for the sake of it; you really dont notice them, nor would you listen to them at home.

The performances from almost all the main characters is good. But you have to give the cakepiece with the cherry on top to Ranbir Kapoor. He has got the charisma and effortless acting talents from his PAA. He was excellent in Wake Up Sid and again in this film gives a very measured performance. Plus the characterisation of a sardar as a normal human being (for a change) in the film is refreshing. Normally films overdo the sardar bit. Overall this film due to Ranbir, it's good intentions and a terrific first half does Rock-it a bit. Watch it.

Rating : 6.5 / 10
P.S. :
Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani - a film I couldn't tolerate beyond 15 minutes , turned out to a super hit, and this film which is way way way better than it and infact is a good film, might not rake in the moolah. Too bad. You might see this talented actor do more rubbish in the future ( keeping my fingers crossed that he doesnt)

Also,  do watch the film - "Glengarry Glen Ross" - a hollywood film on sales (multi-starrer including al pacino) -- for its brilliant potrayal of a sales office... just amazing. a must watch.


Hari said...

just watched the movie and must say it was worth it... totally agree with you when u say it tried to be idealistic and realistic in the second half... i liked the simplicity they showed in the first half and u can totally identify with most of it...shimit amin and jaydeep sahni have got it right again with this movie...chak de to both...

pragya said...

I agree that in the second half, they messed it up just to make it a happy ending. I mean shares of such a big company can't go down so linearly just because it cant acquire clients for its sister brand. That was pure nonsense. But the message was good and it could have been implied in a bit more realistic way. Another thing I want to mention, those sales managers, Puri and Nitin ( I dont know their real name) did awesome job. They deserve a special mention for they did not even once look newcomers and the performance was a real authentic one. any views Viru?

ArvIND said...

I am very impressed with the movie even though I agree it did falter towards the end for me it has so many firsts..
1.) Research that has gone into showing salesman - i.e the scene where Ranbir is being interviewed I have been at both the ends had a similar interviews & have taken similar interviews.
2.)Being a Sikh I am quite impressed with the way they have been portrayed - they have tended to be comic relief for such a long time - its good to be shown in a "real" way.
3.) performances by ranbir & the sales managers of AYS were top class! not to mention the porn addict as well!
4.)In padamsee we have another pretty lady to drool over!

ViruS said...

Pragya ji,, u r right... The managers were top class. Actually credit also goes to the charcterisation. Done brilliantly. Naveen Kaushik as Nitin was awesome, and ofcourse D Sathosh (the porn addict) engineer is a great actor - watch him in Bhagat Singh (Ajay devgan waali).

Paaji - loved the interview ... hahaha...

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