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Friday, December 18, 2009

AVATAR :A spectacular visual extravaganza


A spectacular visual extravaganza

This year’s most awaited movie is now in a theatre near you. The hype created for this mega budget movie is up to viewer’s expectation or not , will come out soon.

But first thing, its for all sci-fi lovers and those who have never seen a sci-fi flick.

Movie evolves on a planet called PANDORA. pandora is home of NA’VI ( a kind of specie which is better than humans ) and different other species. As we know humans have deep desire of finding and stealing treasure from wherever they find ,they have made a camp on this BEAUTIFUL PLANET and for this they have made a program called AVATAR .

A marine soldier’s na’vi avatar was created and send between them to make relations and find the roots of billions of worth minerals. This quest goes beyond reach of both humans and na’vi resulting in battle kind of situation.

Synopsis would give sci-fi lovers idea of what it would be in the movie, but the real base of movie is how james Cameron has described THE PANDORA , NA’VI AND and whole AVATAR , its outstanding . I bet no one has seen such a beautiful world on screen with so much interesting stuffs like animals ,birds , flying mountains the list is endless.

If one wants to see the movie don’t go with prier knowledge of sci-fi flicks ,just go and experience this VISUAL EXTRAVAGANZA . and watch it in 3D possible.

RATING :8 out of 10 from me.

( 10 out of 10 for visuals-EXTRA) to Mr.cameron’s AVATAR


ViruS said...

keep up the good work dude :)

Rigved said...

Am at loss of words to describe this movie. 10/10 from me

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