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Friday, December 18, 2009

Movie Review - AVATAR - A familiar tale in an Unfamiliar World...

Avatar - the most anticipated movie of the year, is out and "woaahh" does it score high on imagination. If Imagination, Creativity and Vision were the only criteria to judge a film, this film sets standards beyond compare.

Pandora - is something we hope our planet could be, or probably was. It's got aboriginals- slender, tall, with enhanced sensory capabilities and with a cord to literally connect to the network of nature.  Its animals sleek, fast, dangerous, colorful. Its Flora huge, colorful, iridescent. Its water sparkling and pure. Its mountains hovering in air ! But yes, Human's are still a very ARROGANT race. Even in their imagination, they think that any dominant / intelligent species of any world  to be some kind of an AVATAR of the human race. 2 legs, 2 hands, 1 head, 2 eyes - think of any intelligent alien form imagined in movies and its got a human-like structure. But then all barriers of imagination cannot be broken in one movie itself.

The amount of detailing gone into the creation of the imaginary world is stupendous. The Vision commendable. The performances are adequate. The background score is awesome. Technically this movie is brilliant.

But then as I said a movie cannot be judged as a visual spectacle alone, atleast when it tells an emotional story. The movie is yet another statement on the greed of the human race. First destroy your own planet by sucking out all its wealth and then use your powers to invade other worlds and suck them dry too. So, here the earthlings have entered Pandora and the most important thing for them is a mineral - way way more precious & powerful than Plutonium. A team of scientist have created a mixed breed between a human and an aboriginal; and this Avatar is controlled by the human from whos gene the mix breed is created. You have a matrix type chamber where you sleep and you are mentally connected to your AVATAR and can control all its motions. And our hero's AVATAR, manages to infiltrate the native clan, pass on their secrets to the humans and when Humans try to exploit them, he realises his mistakes and fights for the natives.

The story is a familiar one;that of an opressor  and an opressed; and how the opressed stand up and fight for their right, their liberation, their world. Nothing new. And here , it somehow remains a spectacle and does not transcend beyond that. Just when it is about to connect to you its over. Though it leaves a tremendous potential for many more Sequels. A whole new world gives you the power to write whole new stories in this world.

If you ask me to choose between AVATAR and TITANIC - I would  probably go for TITANIC, because , to me, it had 2 very strong characters, with whom I could connect and the movie was more than just a visual spectacle, more than the special effects - it was about the love between 2 individuals. That touched a chord with me. And this is where AVATAR does not score too high. Independence Day was more emotionally charged, Jurassic Park was more thrilling, there are not many movies better than "Braveheart" when it comes to opressed fighting back and one more movie from MelGibson "Apocalypto" which was on the same theme and was a brilliant mixture of emotions and effects. But none were perfect. What I am asking for is a perfect film, - which is rare. AVATAR transcends all boundaries of visual effects and  scores decently on the human aspect as well ( unlike a 2012 or a 10,000 BC ).

This movie is like an introduction to the world and that takes up most of the time. After this if any sequels are made, the director can concentrate on making a more wholesome and touching experience.

Definitely a BIG BIG "YES" from me for you to go visit the theater, open the Pandora's box and watch this movie of a familiar story in an unfamiliar world. The spectacle, the technology is enough to enthrall you, and you will come out wanting more, coz you are just getting comfortable in the surroundings with your 3D glasses.

Rating : 8 / 10


Naviin said...

You don't compare two movies just as you wouldn't want to compare two different works of art.

I agree perhaps the beta plot in the movie was a lot less obvious, but then that works at a nice sublime level. A perfect film cannot exist cause audiences aren't perfect, not at a critical mass level which can be monetised.

Pandora is perhaps how our planet would have evolved if the Popes would never have started the crusades or Mr Baird never invented the TV. It was brilliant, the treatment that was meted out to our race, taking the high moral ground. I still believe the movie was about the failure of our civilization more than anything else.

ViruS said...

yeah.... and I am not comparing movies - I am comparing the effect that a movie had on me. And that can be compared / measured.

For me it rocked on one level - the superficial level, and could not penetrate too deep otherwise.

And I dont mean to criticise this work in any way. It is pure art. But sometimes, I am genuinely thinking what if it had this, it had that... the movie would have been perfect / complete for me.Greed is a bad thing...

Priti said...


Avatar: a Visual marvel, a soar of imagination, boundless creativity in tandem with perfect movie making expertise

MY RATING: 4.5/5

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