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Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Idiots mein Mohabbatein!

PLEASE NOTE: Guys, this is not a review or a critical analysis...this is just an observation and is not intended to demean any of the 2 movies. 3 Idiots is a great movie and Mohabbatein too is a good movie.

OBSERVATION: I was randomly surfing the net when this pic of the film 'Mohabbatein' popped up. 'Mohabbatein' is an Aditya Chopra film released in 2000. It was one of the biggest hits of that year staring 3 big stars - Amitabh, Shahrukh & Aishwarya.

Back to 2009, '3 Idiots' has tsumanized the movie screens across the nation and the world (NRIs). It will eventually become one of the biggest hits of all time and may even beat 'Ghajini', the highest grosser of all time in Hindi Cinema. Incidentally both films have Aamir as the lead hero.

After looking at this pic of 'Mohabbatein' (ATTACHED), I remembered '3 Idiots'. Then, I could immediately draw parallels and similarities between the two films. Few of those are listed below:

STAR CAST: Multi-Starrer

CREATORS: Big succesful film makers



NOW THE MAIN SIMILARITIES - Related to the Storyline...

In 3 Idiots, Aamir comes to a college and brings about a change with his fresh thinking. In Mohabbatein, Sharukh comes to a college but as teacher and brings about a change with his new way of thoughts. In 3 Idiots, Boman Irani, the dean of the college is very strict who feels one has to be disciplined, has cliched old thoughts and is not open to change...In Mohabbatein, Amitabh plays a very strict dean of the college and is not open to change..Both stress on studying hard..
In 3 Idiots, Aamir falls in love with the daughter of the dean...In Mohabbatein too, Shahrukh falls in love with the daughter of the dean...In 3 Idiots, the dean of the college has a mysterious and disturbed past of his son committing suicide while in Mohabbatein too, the dean has a disturbed past of his daughter committing suicide. In 3 Idiots, there are 3 Idiots while in Mohabbatein there are also 3 Idiots - Uday, Jugal, Jimmy. In 3 Idiots, the message is to 'Follow your Dream.' In Mohabbatein the stress is on the love quotient and here the message becomes 'Follow your Dream (girl).' In both movies, the dean tries his best to get rid of the change agents.
And in the end, the deans in both the movies have a change of heart..


ViruS said...

Hahahahaha.... dost...,. too good :) sahi parallels nikaale hai...

The only thing about that , that I dont agree is - well, Mohabattein for me - was UTTER SHIT.... Like I had said then -- if I would have spent those 3 odd hours in a toilet it would have been more productive!

VishAll said...

Hey some nice parallels that u have drawn buddy...school ka match the collumn yaad aaya...only thing on a personal note I also didnt like Mohabbatein....some dissimilarities M was a dream world...3I is somewhat possible, M was not a comedy...3I was hilarious, M i guess noting fresh to offer...3I does have that...M I wont see again...3I can see many times. Again all are my own thoughts and i know r subjective.

ArvIND said...

2 more similarities - the leading hero was a Khan & the producer Chopra!

Waise that movie was utter crap - this one has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen..

long live Aamir - You are not no 1 - it would be an insult to rank you - you are beyond rankings..

Kabir said...

Found the film to be a regular Bollywood average fare. Nothing extraordinary at all.

Pavan said...

Hehehe...well basically it means that idea alone cannot result into a great product...it has to be developed...M & 3I have a similar thought provoking idea but the results are totally different!
Bhailog, tumlogon ne mere M dekhi Chandan theatre mein balcony mein 100 Rs. de kar..Kaun tha woh jo ticket lekar aaya!! :D

Manisha said...

Guys could not stop my self without commenting on this!
The movies cld have a some points similar but M stands no comparison with 3I.
3I is far better movie & can be watched more than once :P Also i feel Amir is a far better actor than Shahrukh!

Pavan said...

@Manisha: Yes, 3I is much better than M and AK is better than SRK.

@Kabir: Yaa its quite regular stuff but enjoyable when watched with friends..

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