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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 idiots- best entertaining movie of the year

3 idiots

Directed by : raj kumar hirani ( the genius )

Its totally FADOO movie , sorry I don’t find the proper words but this one’s awesome , beyond expectation.

As we know it is based on ‘5 point someone’ (by chetan bhagat), but not loosely based coz there is twisted story co-written by Mr. Genius (raju hirani) so I am happy that he kept the soul of book also in his story.

Story of 3 students farhan,raju and rancho .these 3 happens to be different personality with different back ground . They are engineering student at ICE delhi . it’s a type of MEMOIR of these guys of their college days and story of 2 of them who is in search of their lost friend. In the days of ICE they happens to meet different guys like principle (VIRUS), chatur (SILENCER) and piya ( love of rancho ).

The story is interwoven so well and entertaining that I don’t want to spoil the joy of watching the movie.

As I said story – screenplay deserves total points. Very well written and the director has done simply great job with this story. A Perfect combination of emotions which leads to a smile on viewers face at the end. Music is also good specially first song BAHETI HAWA SA THA WO.

For performance kareena was beautiful and shown shine in the climax and that dream song. Boman irani , he is the best for role of VIRUS . OMI as silencer was superb( specially that speech part).
Now talking about THE IDIOTS , sharman and madhavan were outstanding and have done total justice to their respective characters. And at the end MR.Genius 2 Amir khan he is millions of times better than ghajini in this movie, totally devoted actor and great performance from him at the end.

All and all its must watch for all. All is not only well but GREAT.

Ratings : 9 out of 10

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