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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Review : 3 Idiots - Oye Jingle Bell Jingle Bell...Dont you worry, All is well....

If you do not know or have not noticed, I must tell you first that I am an Aamir Khan "pankha". So this review may be biased. After the All Brawn No Brain - Ghajini , he is back - and how !! Saalaa deta nahi Mauka... maarta rehta hai Chauke pe Chauka...If I have gone overboard or judged this movie unfairly, I would really like you guys to give me your take on it and correct me. Sometimes Bias clouds analysis.

Stand up and applaud for this fellow - "Raju Hirani". His movies might go overboard sometimes in driving down the point, but then they are so good-hearted and firmly routed in amazing comedy, that you have to appreciate it and you come out the theater having this really Good feeling. You have been given a lesson in life ( a takeaway) but you have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Raju Hirani's talent for a writing brilliant screenplay and dialogues, plus creating amazing charcters were clear in Munnabhai. 3 Idiots may not have as strong characters but then it still manages to give you a few gems.

3 idiots has a message and that message is something I have been living with for the last year - "Follow your heart, follow your dreams. There is no point doing something you do not want to do." And maybe thats why it connected to me so instantaneously. Its about a group of engineers who have a dreamer among them. And the way his non-conformism influences their life and urges them to follow their passion, their dream. Yes, the movies story has been inspired by "Five Point Someone" but Raju has given it a totally filmy twist, so that the screw of the message really pins deep in your mind. Apart from his fascination with "Chaddi's" I really dont have any issues with Raju's comedy - but then everyone has a fetish :).

There are moments that are hillarious beyond words, some over the top where you go Kuch Bhi, but then you are so enveloped by the FEEL GOOD factor that you do not mind those. Things like cinematography, screeplay - though top notch, do not matter much. The music suits the film and the background score enhances the feel.

Having such brilliant actors makes your job easy. Initially you find it a little difficult to believe a 44 year old man playing the role of a teenager, but as time goes by you do not mind it. Infact Aamir's Rancho wins you completely. Madhavan and Sharman carry off thier roles with equal panache. Boman Irani has a subdued character and he makes it totally believable. Kareena is just another entity in the film ! But there is a guy worth a special mention and that is "OMI" who plays Chatur. As the "Gas Emitting English Muttering By Hearting Rat Racing Scholar"  he is brilliant. He enacts one of the most hillarious sequences in this movie.

Finally after the rut in Bollywood, here is a movie that is not only endearing but enjoyable; suitable for classes, and the masses. I may go digging into the logic of a few things in this movie like why have such old actors as teenagers? why doesnt the principal rusticate the students for huge crimes when in real life students are kicked out for less? some idiotic Chaddi sequences! , but its so firmly connected to me right now I cannot find those faults. Thats the difference between an extraordinary Avatar and this film - that emotional connect. Thank you Raju, first for Munnabhai and now for these 3 idiots.

Soch kya rahe ho? Throng the theaters... jingle bell, jingle bell.... enjoy your holidays, coz all is well.....
Rating : 8 / 10
Koi Zara raju ko bole mujhe assitant rakhlega !!! itna achcha achcha likha bhi maine :P

added later : On the same scale Munnabhai MBBS would be around 10 / 10 (a near perfect film) and Lagey Raho Munnabhai 9 / 10...


Pavan said...

Kya likha hai!
My best scene is the trumpet one!

Ajay said...

Mast Likha hai biduuu!!!kya jhakaas movie hai!!!loved every second of it!!right said about OMI!!hehe

atlee said...

rightly said...
and a very crisp review.

also, not unbaised ;)
my friend pointed out at the scene where the new born baby survives because of "all izz well" and i said "maaf hai".

the movie has so much of goodness that a few erratic moments didnt matter.

VishAll said...

bhai...while this film had many things/teachings to offer...like doing for other, bond of friendship, how to enjoy wht u do, get what u want by thinking out of box...and many more...mostly that stands out is Aal izz Well!!!...I agree I liken boht the Munnabhais more than these 3 idiots...one can learn from anyone, whether its a bhai or idiot...u just hve to hve the will to learn.

ArvIND said...

I thought it was a brilliant film...the actors played their part to perfection..aamir was amazing as usual..there are so many memorable scenes..the crowd reaction must say was something I have never seen before..what a movie..

SJ said...

A greta movie!!! n Amir is GOD!!! Loved every moment of it. Another comparison here is between the book and the movie... Whenever i have seen a movie that was based on a book (be it namesake, HP series, Da vinci code etc), there are very few that are as good as the book... Where 3idiots is concerned, I hated the book but loved the movie. Whatever Chetan Bhagat has to say, Raju Hirani did a much better job and improved a lot on the book. Chetan Bhagat shud learn something from him especially considering the fate of "Hello".

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