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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The films I liked in 2009

So here is the list of movies that I liked in 2009 -
which is one of the worst years in terms of quality of movies released.

The 2 most entertaining films of the year for me:

1) Vishal Bharadwaj's Kameeney - Living up to the plethora of expectations, Kaminey was fast paced thriller with excellent perfromaces, brilliant screenplay and awesome background scores.

2) Raju Hirani's 3 idiots - An over hyped film living up to its expectations was rare in this year and 3 Idiots broke the chain. Raju and Aamir's film gave me some non-stop entertainment and kept me completely glued to the story. It was more about the feeling than anything else.

The most critically acclaimed film of the year :

1) Zoya Akhtar's Luck By Chance - This movie is not everyone's cup of tea. Even I was a little bored when I first watched it. But this movie is like an ONION. You start peeling it and you get a layer after a layer. I have watched it 3 to 4 times now and I am totally a fan of this movie. Rishi Kapoor's performance in this film is one of the year's best.

The Anurag Kashyup Magic :

1) Dev D - A little too cheeky for my liking, but I have to give it to Anurag, he did make a more than decent film with some amazing background score and zany camerawork.

2) Gulaal - Simply fabulous film. Gulaal should be the Drama of the year for its amazingly gripping story, some powerful perfromances and brilliant lyrics. It loses its grip a bit post interval, but then that doesnt take away anything from this powerful movie.

Ranbir Kapoor's sincerity:

1) Wake up Sid : Though a tad boring, this movie was one of the sincerest movies by a promising new director and Ranbir carries this film on his shoulders with aplomb.

2) Rocket Singh Salesman of the year - Not exactly the movie of the year, but again Shimit comes up with an honest movie, with spot on real life office polictics, realistic potrayal of a sardar and some good charcters to make the movie endearing. Though it seems a little confused in the second half, Ranbir's honest potrayal of a salesman and a sardarji really help you like this film.

Amitabh Bachchan's mastery :

1) PAA :  PAA works for one reason and one reason only - Amitabh Bachchan's mastery. Otherwise, it had too many flaws for it to make it to this list.

1 YRF film that worked for me:

1) New York : The credit goes to Kabir Khan for writing and directing a believable story backed by surprisingly decent performances and good music.

4 surprise packets:

1) Quick Gun Murugan : Nobody could have predicted the appeal of this film. QGM was one of the whackiest and most entertaining films of the year. It had awesome dialogues and some memorable characters. QGM had a loose second half, but then from a movie you had no expectations, this was a wonderful surprise.

2) Let's Dance : This movie made in 5 crores made around 40-80 lakhs at the box office. The main reason 99% of the population didnt even know this movie was going to be released and maybe as much didnt even know when it left the theaters. A completely new cast, new director, this movie was really a good movie. Good production quality, good direction, decent story and some amazing dance performances. If you get a chance watch it on TV.

3) 13 B : Though the first half was pityful, the logical manner in which this movie is written and made, makes it a sensible thriller in the face of some idiotic films.

4) 99 : Even though this movie was a tad boring, the direction and Mahesh Manjerekar's splendid performance made it a more than decent watch

And Hollywood had a good year and from the movies I watched here is a list of the best:
1) Inglorious Basterds : Simply Outstanding.
2) District 9 : Brilliant
3) Avatar : A visual delight
4) In the Loop : No film could beat its caustic humour.
5) Star Trek : It lived up to its expectations.
6) Taken : A surprisingly gritty and fast paced film.
7) Paranormal Activity : The low budget money maker.
8) Zombieland : Hillarious take on Zombies taking over the world.
9) Harry Potter and the half blood prince : Sets up the finale brilliantly.
10) The Hangover : The surprise box office bonanza!

and 2 films I want to see : Up in the air and The informant.

I may have missed many...So do lemme know your views.

P.S: Love Aaj Kal was a decent film too( specially the KAL part )- and considering its one of the biggest box office successes I guess it should be mentioned.


Pavan said...

Have missed so many of them! Will have to spend some time on to watch them!

atlee said...

Whats ur take on Dilli 6. I felt Rakesh Mehra made a damn good intelligent movie in that...

Also, APKGK was the best slapstick for me...also Life Partner..its a typical Govinda entertainer one will enjoy on TV.

Will catch Lets Dance. Noted that.

Ajay said...

99 and Sankat City was some decent comedies i felt which can be mentioned!!

ViruS said...

ey Ajju... 99 sahi thi yaar... u r right... specially mahesh manjerekar :)

ViruS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nikhilrao said...

I would add All the best.. though it was a nonsense slap stick comedy.. it definetly had the theatre in splits..

Anonymous said...

Biggest flaw is the last scene his friend being not known of who Wangdu is. Obviously, people would want to know how a great scientist would look like...Overall v.good.

Ajay said...

Virruuuu ekdum sahi bola tuu..Rishi Kapoor was simply outstanding in Luck by chance!!!loved him!!actually easily one of the best movies of 09'..

The Commentator said...

Thanks for mentioning 99. Kaminey truly deserves the top spot. Good compilation.

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