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Friday, November 6, 2009

Movies I watched at MAMI - Mumbai Film fest

This movies has FESTIVAL written all over it. The director tests your pateince throughout the film. Its also about illegal immigration of mexicans into america and their lives, work etc. Its about 2 guys who finish their work of the day and then go for a special job to kill a lady. The movie starts with a 10 minute still frame with nothing happening. I certainly slept through half the movie. A brilliant shot in the end was alls that was exciting to me. rating - 5 / 10

YANG YANG - This taiwanese film is my most favourite film off all the movies in this fest. Its the story of a girl named Yang Yang, whoes mother marries her athletics coach. Evreything starts off well, but soon things turn sour between her and her step sister. The movie is made out of several big shots - continuous filming and hence the performances have to be spot on and they are. Brilliant direction , amazing performances make this movie awesome. And more importatly this movie scores of emotions and sensitivity. I loved it. rating - 9 /10

VIHIR - Umesh Kulkarni .Another winner from this most talented Marathi director who previously made VALU. Vihir is a brilliantly written story of 2 cousin brothers. the younger one looks up to the elder brother, and always tries to emulate him. But when the elder brother dies, the younger brother goes thru a lot of pain and several questions of life, relations, death spring to him mind and he leaves on a quest to find these answers. Awesome cinematography and acting. A must must watch rating - 8 / 10

Twenty Bist - Iranian film. Like most Iranian films, its a simple film about human emotions. But this is a film full of misery. Its about a HALL owner and his employees. When the HALL owners health begins to deteriorate, he deices to close down his HALL, which puts his employees in a tough spot as they depend on this job to live their life. This film is full of misery - one life full of misery to another. It also comes to a very morose end. Anyways, this movie is a thoroughbread festival film. Catch it if you must. rating - 6 / 10

The waiting City - An australian film by Claire McCarthy shot in Calcutta. An australian couple comes to adopt an indian girl. The red tape in the system holds up the adoption for many days and they have to play the waiting game within which they not only have to get to grips with the Indian culture , way of life etc but also try to smoothen their own crumpled relationship. A very nice film which lives off the performances of the lead actors. A film worth watching. rating - 7.5 / 10.

My fest started with this film and its a simple, beautiful film. Its shot in 2 places Italy and Romania. Its about a Romanian girl who comes to Italy to earn some money by taking care of an old Italian lady. Its the story of how the relation develops between the 2. Sweet film.
rating - 7 / 10

Konkani film "MAN BEYOND THE BRIDGE" The surprise Package of the festival. I didnt even know before this that konkani films exist , but am totally blown away by it. This film is about a relationship that develops between a lonely man and an outcast,mentally challenged girl. Loads of dynamics involved - what the villagers think, religion, faith. 2 thubs up for this film. A must watch. rating - 8 / 10

A filipino film, for which the director won the best director award at Cannes. This movie really tests your patience. Its a movie about a group of corrupt cops who go on a journey to kill one prostitute who has betrayed them. In this journey they are joined by a new recruit. This film meanders and keep trying to grab loads of tension and finally the police carry out the gruesome act. Kinatay is one hell of a festival film, but it really tested my patience. rating - 6 / 10

Happy Go Lucky is about a girl who is happy go lucky. In this cruel , bad world, what if you could keep smiling and be an eternal optimist. Will this world let you be that way or wwill it pull you down. Thats the premise of this film. Again a must watch.
rating - 8 / 10

A french film EDEN IS WEST made by costa-gavras, is a tragicomedy, something like a Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, where the protagonist goes through the shit of the system or the world and then ends up all screwed up. Its a kind of a statement on the illegal immigration that happens from poor countries to countries like France. Engaging film.
rating - 6.5/ 10

A film from a small little country named Bulgaria. The movie ends pretty much as it starts. There is no plot, just a statement. There is no end, but a possibility of a new beginning. It shows the politics, the culture of Bulgaria through the life of 2 brothers and just leaves us there. Brilliant acting by the lead actor -Christo Christov (who passed away a few days after shooting ended- sad) rating - 6 / 10

Dogtooth - a greek film, is one of the most interesting films I saw this week. Its about a couple who keep their children locked within the confines of their home for 17 years. They are taught, bread there and made to believe that the world outside is evil and they would die if they try to go out. But one outside influence kindles their curiosity and everything goes haywire. A must watch for its weirdness. rating - 8 / 10

Imagine a movie where 80% of a movie 86 mins long is showing just the face of the protagonist. Thats APPLAUS for you. N even then this film from Denmark scores, because of Paprika Steen's phenomenal performance. - Plot -A stage actress is turning old and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life.
rating - 6.5 / 10 - simply for the performance.

A rather timepass film for a festival. 7 minutes is about a dating service in which you can meet different guys and gals and discuss for 7 minutes after which you have to decide whether you want to date them. Nothing special here except a few explicit scenes that could excite teenagers. rating - 4 / 10


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Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

thanks mr.anonymous. wud really appreciate if u left ur name or something,.. anyways.. thanks

nikhilrao said...

wow.. this is a big bunch of movies u saw.. gr8 going paaji

nikhilrao said...

Dogtooth?? isnt ths plot similar to the vasai incident?

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Marcella Brown said...

is 'los bastardos" one of the movies that tarantino used as a inspiration for his basterds movie?

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