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Sunday, October 18, 2009

BLUE- a perfect disaster

Blue_ rating 2 out of 10

Like akshay kumar has decided to beat his own record of giving consecutive CRAPS here comes another DISASTER .

Story has nothing new to offer , a group of criminals , younger brother trapped between bad guys and for his life elder brother goes for what he had decided not to do. A sexy girlfriend who was on gunpoint of bad guys and finally a fox like friend….

If it was not enough an international pop star’s cold special appearance .

Performance ? yes nobody has performed because director’s role was missing .
Like akshay kumar has written his own pathetic dialogues . every time he opens his mouth to shoot pathetic dialogues if u see his performance zayed khan has done better than him in the movie. Sanjay dutt , why director had chosen him is a big question..
sanjay dutt was not looking in shape and not at all a deep sea diver . he was looking tired and FAT. Lara dutta had nothing to do accept to do a bikini song.

Stunts of B grade Hollywood movie would be better than this .and if one wants to see underwater marine world, he should see discovery channel but not this.

Biggest disappointment was from director’s side. he has made it without any planning.

Total waste of producer’s money and people like me who went to see this crap.


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

good job dude... I toh left the theater half way thru the film !!!


good to see the review. gud to see you shed your inhibitions and write reviews on the blogosphere.

keep up the good work.

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