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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inglorious Basterds - The ultimate war fantasy!

Genre : Drama

There is something about Tarantino yaar. He has this amazing ability to make even 10 minute conversations interesting. His prowess as a director is peerless.

Inglorious Basterds is a fictional war drama. It's the ultimate war fantasy played out over 3 hours. The climax is so outrageous that I guess only Tarantino can pull it off. But then the movie is not about the climax, its about the journey. As Tarantino likes it, the movie plays in Chapters. The first being the most amazing one. You simply cannot miss that. Its about a German Colonel ( Col. Hans Landa ) visiting a farmer's hut and verbally forcing him to reveal a secret. The exchange has to be seen to be believed. The snake like character of Col.Hans Landa has to be one of the most devilish characters written for cinema. Without using a single threat or without using any force, he breaks a resolute man into submission. And that scene sets the pace for the film.

One thing amazing about Hollywood actors is that they are not greedy. They look at a role rather than Meat and their persona. Brad Pitt plays a rather insignificant role in this film ( the scene is stolen by Christoph Waltz - Cl.Landa and Melanie Laurent - Shosanna Deyfuss ). You cannot imagine a Bollywood superstar playing second fiddle to so many characters. Also, in Bollywood characters are written keeping in mind the stars , while in Hollywood actors have to mould themselves into a character. We should come of age in this area.

Anyways, even though the amount of violence and the bodycount in this film is much lesser than Kill Bill, the tense undercurrent, the witty exchanges make for an amazing watch. Also, as always Tarantino has some extraordinary background tracks. The acting is top notch. The whole ensemble cast is in top form, but the film belongs to Waltz and I am sure he is going to win a plethora of awards for the same.

Even though you might towards the end say "Kuch Bhi" the child inside you might say WHY NOT? In the realms of fiction , anything is possible :)
Rating : 8 / 10

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