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Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie Review - Kurbaan - Some Love stories are IDIOTIC !

Genre : Drama

Life is really a bummer. You dont get to watch movies for weeks and then you break ur fast with a total no brainer. Well, thats the way it is. So now that you know how this review is gonna be stay tuned for some real idiotic stuff. Such a weak plot , an idiotic premise can only lead you to a complete dud of a movie, which cant be saved even by Kareena's bare back.

This movie could well have been named 3 idiots ! or maybe simply "Idiots"

Idiot Number 1 - Saif Ali Khan - He is supposed to be a deadly terrorist -( no , its not a secret ). He is supposed to be conniving, dangerous, yet what you see is pure stupidity. His recruitment procedure for a deadly sleeper cell is laughable. He is infact shown as a complete naive fellow, who falls for Vivek's stupid plan. Infact in the end he himself changes his plan, which is so outrageous you wanna tear open your seat.

Idiot Number 2 - Vivek Oberoi - You cannot stop yourself from wondering what kind of a nutcase he is. He has clear evidence against the terrorists, he has the address, yet instead of going to the police and ending our misery , he decides to join the gang to expose them !!! That brings us 1 and half more hour of stupidity. Seriously Vivek ke character ki Herogiri kuch samajh nahi aayi. Faaltu ka tashan.

Idiot Number 3 - Kareena Kapoor - For accepting this role. It was meant for a dumbo. She falls for a fellow professor and marries him. She even brings him back to the US. All this happens quickly and from then on her role is limited to the scared, crying, subdued girl. Yaar, aaj kal toh "Soha Ali Khan" bhi ro leti hai !

Idiot Number 4 - Rensil D'Silva - Mr.Director for writing a script fit for children and then making it an adult film !!! Dude , only children could fall for such a stupid plot and premise development.

Idiot Number 5 - Karan and Hiroo Johar - For spending so much money in the film. I realise when you would have seen the movie, you must have requested Rensil to add the bare back love making sceen to bring in the crowds. Well, in that case you shouldnt have bowed down to MNS. A few broken windows and stopped shows would have given you some more leverage.

Pity that they tell us in the beginning itself that the story is a work of fiction, because the world would have loved to have such stupid terrorists!

Dont blame the actors much, but their characters and hence the director. Actually I am fed up of these Terrorist agenda films. If you want to make anything atleast make an intelligent film! NewYork by Kabir Khan was a much much much better film. Very sensible indeed and characters were written perfectly, and so was the plot. You could feel the pain of the terrorists in the movie. You could see that they have been driven to what they are doing.

But Kurbaan does nothing of that sort. Everything essential in the plot is taken as understood and 80% of what is shown is useless. You do not empathise with anyone. Only if you connect with the characters does a film make a difference to you, but here you dont. Infact the film tests your patience with its pace. The mood is kept grim with heavy tense background score and thats it. Decent job by the actors, but the movie is extremely cliched and no one can save it. Saif looks haggard man, he needs a face lift !

Well, I suggest do not waste your time on this movie. Some love stories are really Idiotic!
Rating : 4 / 10 - for some good cinematography and background score.


Partha said...

Hey veeru.. i may watch this movie tomorrow as i booked my tickets ...let me see if i see 5 idiots tomorrow.

Mini Ganesha said...

Why do people like to use Saif in movies?

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