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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Movie Review : Quick Gun Murugan - Watch it, I say...

Genre : Comedy

You must have heard a lot about QGM. This movie is doing quiet well throughout the country and its not just hype. QGM is hysterically witty in parts and will keep you in splits. Now, lets look at what works and what doesnt in the movie.

What works:

1)The writers have sketched out the most outrageous characters seen in recent years. QGM, as we all know, is not a recent invention and has been a widely loved character. Rajendra Kumar plays this character flawlessly. The others like Gun Powder, Rice plate Reddy, Rowdy MBA have been sketched out beautifully. What I really liked about this film is that the characters though outrageous go about their duty seriously. Though the characters are a joke, the acting isnt. Specially Rice Plate Reddy the main villian. His character is a mean bugger to the core. You can feel the evil and the character never goes over the top.

2) The art direction, costumes, visual effects : The movie has been planned out beautifully. From the sets, to the costumes everything looks really authentic and no cost has been spared. The product looks like a rich one. Even the visual effects have been done beautifully.

3) The background score/music : The background score is as witty as the dialogues. Watch the flashback song between QGM and his locket lover and you will know what I mean.

4) Finally the dialgoues : The dialogues take the cake and will keep you in splits throughout.

All of these keep the first half of the film quiet enjoyable.

What doesnt :

1) The second half suffers from the weight of expectations it builds in the first half. The story loses pace and drags. The writer seems to have run out of imagination when he leaves his southern territory (beautifully captured in the first half) and comes to Mumbai.

The second half has only a few memorable dialogues and moments and hence you seem to be losing your patience as the shenanigans become repetitive. So the story, screenplay lacks the punch in the second half.

Overall this movie is a brave attempt, but might leave you with mixed feelings. A strong second half would have catapulted it to iconic status. Unfortunately it remains a brave attempt by the director Shashank Ghosh,who must get a decent applause. Good clean fun, filled with witty lines and quirky characters. I would suggest, if you havent seen it , go and see this film for its vivid imagination. Love it or Hate it, you simply cannot ignore it... Watch it I say...

Rating : 6 / 10

1 comment:

atlee said...

I liked the background music whenever Rowdy MBA comes in the frame...



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