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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie Review : District 9 - Sci-fi-licious....

Genre : Sci Fi

Whats it about - The most amazing thing happens. An alien mothership gets stranded in Earths atmosphere. After days of waiting, humans enter the spacecraft to find millions of alien beings. These are then relocated onto earth in District 9. Initially humans accept them, but slowly they cannot tolerate these aliens so close to their city and want them out of their territory. The movie is about a private company trying to relocate the millions of aliens from District 9 to a new District remotely located.

This film is shot brilliantly. A very unique storytelling technique is used. The whole film is shot like a documentary. The events unfold as people narrate parts of the story. Its shot on a medium scale budget but can be a lesson for big budget movies like Terminator, Transformers on how to make an engaging and entertaining movie without splurging millions. Plus the main protagonist and the other supporting cast are completely unknown, yet their performances speak volumes. It shows that you do not need superstars to make an awesome film.

The director seems to be making a very pertinent point in this era of extreme prejudice. Everywhere people are beginning to look at non-state people as aliens. Indians are treated as aliens in Australia, Asians are looked on as aliens in America, North Indians are looked upon as aliens in Chennai, UPites are not welcome in Mumbai and so on as so forth. There is so much intolerance. This literally puts aliens on earth and shows our animosity towards them. It turns the alien genre on its head and makes us the predators.

This film is a must watch. Do not miss it if u r a sci-fi fan , coz this is simply sci-fi-licious...

Rating : 8 / 10

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Rigved said...

The only thing I liked about this movie was the storytelling technique. But as a person I generally try to make sense out of a story and the unknowns in this movie really turned me off. How did the ship come to Earth, they had intelligence (evident from the tech savvy alien) then why were they not capable to steer their ship away from Earth, how does their version of jet fuel bring about a genetic change in humans and many other parts of the movie that just didn't make sense. I'd give it 4/10

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