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Friday, September 18, 2009

Movie Review : Wanted - Some Hajmola.....

Genre - Action

Ek thi "Ghajini" aur ek hai yeh "Wanted" but woh bhi tha "Kuch Bhi" aur yeh bhi hai "Kuch Bhi". Beware guys the South Falvour is moving Northwards ! Frankly when I watched this film in Telugu - Pokhiri it seemed believable but in Hindi - Baat kuch hazam nahi hoti. The only change is probably the mindset.

Wanted is a perfect vehicle for the beefcake Salman. No, he did not have to work out and prepare for this film, coz he was made for it, or u might say the role was made for him. This film probably has all the requirements Salman would want in a film - 1) He barely has to act - Check , 2) He has to vomit style all over the screen - Check 3) He gets some fast songs to show his signature dance steps - Check. Waise if there was an Oscar for the Most Style Exuded in a Film by an Actor - Salman would win it hands down for this film. Har dialogue main attitude ki barsaat. In some places he is so full of himself, he forgets to act, but thats alright - Salman Bhai hai , Acting kisko chahiye.

So in this all Brawn no Brain film, you have a plethora of Villians. They are the ruthless underworld of Mumbai puppeteered by a Bhai sitting in some South East Asian city. Salman Khan - urf "Radhe" is a roadside ruffian who blasts anybody who comes in his way and can do anything for money. He can change sides, at the drop of a hat full of money, in this Mafia war and work for any side who pays more. Then there is this a damsel in distress - Ayesha Takia who's family is being blackmailed by a lecherous police inspector - Mahesh Manjeraker. Well, without delving too much into the story the movie is how this roadside ruffian keeps saving the damsel in distress from this lecherous police inspector and in between keeps pulverising and smashing other gangsters.

You dont require a story for such a movie. You sketch some action sequences, compose some groovable songs which might or might not make any sense and write some stupid comedy sequences to fill in the blanks - ranging from the extremely crude to the rib tickling. Then probably you can go for the old fashioned twist in the end which explains everything.

Prabhu Deva is the king of dance, and today I seriously believe that. He can not only move each and every muscle of his body but also make the Camera dance. The amount of work the camera does through out the film is phenomenal. Salman does not turn, the camera turns. Salman does not have to move much in the songs, the camera dances for him. Sample the first sequence where the Main Villain is watching a kickboxing fight and you will know what I mean. The camera zooms past the crowd, swirls, swishes, turns and comes to a grinding halt into the nostrils of our Villain. Its not that I am against such a style - but sirf style ke liye itna naach is too maach ,oops much!

Ek tha woh Angry Young Man in Deewar aur yeh hai aaj ka Angry "Pretending to be" Young man - Zameen , Aasmaan ka farak. This is for die hard Salman fans - coz as I said earlier the role was made for him and and this film can also work for man-eaters - with enough pulp to satiate even their desires. Ghajini broke all box office records, but I am not sure Wanted can do the same - some stories work only in the south but ofcourse the STAR POWER can push it.Afterall, Salman is doing in this film what he does best. But if you ask me, Itna masala bharaa hua hai ki seriously some "Hajmola" is Wanted !

Rating : 4 / 10 -- Buss Kya --- Salman deserves this much atleast.


Pavan said...

Hajmola nahi..tujhe ENO lena hoga!!

jwalant said...

i think its worst movie of salman after GARV.
WE cant digest so VOMIT whtever saw after coming out of cinema hall.

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