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Friday, September 4, 2009

Movie Review - Aagey Se Right - In the Right direction but not exactly...

Genre : Comedy

Some movies are made to be full timepass entertainers, where you keep your brains aside and enjoy because the director has done all the thinking for you. This is one such movie.

"Aagey se right" is a whacky caper focussed on 2 guys. 1 - Shreyas Talpade - a newly recuited sub inspector, who misplaces his gun and keeps getting into one ugly situation after another because of it. 2 - K.K. Menon - who is a terrorist come on a mission but forgets his mission when he loses his heart to a bar dancer!

2 hours long, this movie is hillarious in parts and trying too hard in parts. It does succeed in entertaining you with some wild imagination. Its kind of a spoof where the humour is loud. But the whackiest of all is KK Menon's character. Once he falls in love, he tries to learn the Mumbaiyaa lingo and his mix of Urdu and Bhindi (Bambaiya Hindi ) is hillarious. Shreyas Talpade as the tame new recruit is brilliant in parts and just runs overboard in some , just like the movie. The movie is made out of goofy characters and more goofy situations. No story as such, just a line! hence 2 hours is more than enough, because the director just wouldnt know what to do next after that. Infact could have been even better in 1 and half hours :) No need for songs actually.

The Music is just a conduit to take the story forward and nothing to write home about. But overall the movie is written to be completely whacky and if you watch it in that sense, you will certainly not go home dissapointed. Aagey se right is the kind of movie me and my friends used to think of making, coz its humour is very much the kind we like, you know "The Austin Powers" humour, though not in the same league :)

One thing is for sure, the movie is written to be exactly what it turned out, so thumbs up to the newbie director Indrajit Nattoji for the same. The shortcomings are in the script.

If you have nothing else to do this weekend, I suggest "Aagey se right" lekar visit the theater for this movie. Tashreef rakhneka,,, Timepass karneka....sochneka nahi...

Rating : 5 / 10

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