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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movie Review : Gulaal - Gritty and Witty ....

My Say : A gritty and witty film.

Maybe Mr.Mehra should pick up the fone and call up Mr.Kashyup and take some tips on abstract, on making statements that do not feel like listening to a lecture!

I cannot believe how could a movie like this be kept in the CAN for such a long time. Maybe, because it doesnt have sellable stars. Maybe, because uptil now the director was considered a Pariah... But with this film, Kashup proves that he can make and sell movies just on his name. The director has finally become the hero of his film in India !

Gulaal is a brutally raw and witty take on the infighting within a state of our country. The politics within the state, and the dirt within this politics. The game of power which doesnt discriminate between its victims.

Its about a mans pursuit to becoming the absolute power within his state and creating a separate domain of his own. Its about this mans blind belief in his ancestory. He is not willing to be a subject of the country, he wants to rule his own! He wants freedom for his people and himself. This ambition is not just his own, but of a few others too. And so begins the game of eimination. Interesting, very interesting.

Kashup's story is extremely gritty and engaging and the execution meets our high expectations. Though there is a drop in the pace in certain parts of the movie and you try to guess where is this all heading, it manages to suck you back in. The pace of the film waxes and wanes and almost reaches a towering crescendo somewhere near the end of the first half. You want to know whats next. The game of politics with the next roll of the dice, brings the fall of another pawn and another and another and the game becomes even more convoluted, yet simple. Amidst all this is stuck a guy who doesnt want to get involved , but is sucked in with dire consequences.

Again what takes the cake is the background score. The songs are extremely meaningful and create the perfect atmosphere for this ride. Concentrate on the lyrics, they send out a message. The performances by each and every character is brilliant. From the ever reliable Kay Kay to the Raj Singh Chaudhary, from Abhimanyu shekhar singh to Deepak Dobriyal. Watch out for Piyush Mishra ( KK's mental elder brother). His songs and dialogues create a lasting impact.

If Dev D was a drug to a few, this could give a high to a broader section of India. Go watch it and I am sure you will enjoy, for some reason or the other.

Rating : 7/10


Debojit Ghatak said...

I don't think was a masterpiece. But its a good example of his exemplary writing skills not cinematic.

Pavan said...

Dekhna padega Gulaal....bahut taarif sun raha hun...

The Commentator said...

I watched it recently. You echoed what I want to say about the movie, but expressed it better than what I would have. Thanks. Good job.

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