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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Review : 13B - A Logical Thriller

My Say : A decent watch

My friend said " It's a spine-chilling horror. A must see" Then another told me Maddy - urf Madhavan had himself pleaded him to watch this movie. Maddy said " its awesome" So we went. It turned out to be a decent suspense thriller. Horror, it wasnt !Atleast for me...

The movie is a small budget film with a lead good actor and a strong / logical second half. The build up in the first half is comical and at times irritating. But if you stay put, you would be treated to some decent stuff in the second half. Infact, what makes its a good watch is that everything makes sense, nothing is illogical. The screenplay is good and the cinematography is excellent. The background score is adequately chilling , but the songs are pathetic!(Shankar, Ehsaan Loy seemed to have given them a bunch of rejects !! )

Off the actors, Madhavan hogs the limelight, but is the only actor to glue you onto the screen. He suits the role perfectly. He was excited when my friend gave him a positive feedback. It shows how desperate this acclaimed actor of the Tamil industry is to make it big in Bollywood !! Anyways,, if he works on his body a bit and sheds those extra kilos, I am sure he would do pretty well here.

One hillarious concept given in this film is THE DEAD are also upgrading themselves and finding various new channels to contact the Living !!! hahahaha... Like the TV in this case.. I assure you the final final scene will leave u in splits!!!absolutely absurd.

This one is surely worth a watch (on the CD preferably - where u can forward the unwanted bits), surely for putting all the pieces in the right place in the end. A logical thriller.

Rating : 5.5 / 10 ( 0.5 less for an irritating first half)

1 comment:

Pavan said...

Very well said!
And i m just waiting for the sequel now!! :))

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