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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movie Review : Delhi 6 - Well intentioned but not well received!

My Say : A chaotic khichdi not entirely digestable ....

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is a little crazy, a little erratic. He looks at cinema as a way to not only tell a story , but also give a message. His crazy self forces him to be a little experimental in his cinema. He is not averse to his movie being abstract and that makes him pleasant to have around. He could give u a bummer like AKS and then a revelation like RDB ! His third movie though promised a lot , does not live up to its expectations.

Delhi-6's plot is nothing new. A guy comes back to his roots and relaises what he was missing all his life! The treatment is surely different.

Delhi-6 starts off at a very poor note. The opening sequences are poorly directed but Mehra gains his ground there after.  What leaves him in deep waters is the story which is thread bare. The only different point in the film is the KALA BANDAR . Otherwise, he packs in as many characters as possible and as many forseable problems as possible! The main and support cast in the movie delivers , though I think Waheeda Rehman ji goes a bit over the top. 

The songs are the greatest asset this movie has, but their placement is highly debatable. I thought a few songs started abruptly. Rehna Tu comes at a totally unexpected time. Mehra is an innovative soul and his juxtaposition of Ramayan with the real life is quiet decent. Also, one of the song is creatively shot, when Abhishek starts seeing New York in the middle of Chandni Chawk!

Though I so wanted to like this film, I could only see its flaws. If Mehra wanted to depict utter chaos in the locality, he surely succeeds , because there is too much chaos in the film. All possible problems added into one movie makes it a type of a khichdi. Also, I felt that Abhishek's character was poorly sketched. A guy who has never been to India before in his life speaks flawless hindi , is not troubled by the dirt or the excessive population/pollution , or the fact that he has to carry a water bucket to the loo etc etc. His only claim to being an NRI is that he speaks english in an American accent. He keeps getting beaten up and witnesses friends fighting like animals over religion. Even then he keeps saying "Iss jagah ke log bade achche hain". Absurd !!! This guy could have easily been a guy from Bombay who visits his delhi house for the first time in his life. That would have been digestable too !

Delhi-6 is overall a chaotic Khichdi with a message, but unfortunately  not entirely digestable !

Rating : 4 / 10

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Karen said...

I'd like to check this movie out. I enjoyed Abhishek in Drona.

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