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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda - Simply "Fat"abulous....

Genre: Animated
Rating: 7 / 10

Dreamworks..Works like a Dream. Maybe they havent had the box office success as Pixar, but their work is at par. Shrek, of Dreamworks, is amongst my top 2 animated films, after Ice Age. Its become impossible to distinguish Animated movies on their quality of animation, because these 2 studios have almost perfected their art. With the level of precision and detailing, they have virtually created an alternate - beautiful and magical universe, which seems as real as ours.

Kung Fu Panda is amazing. The animation is fantabulous, which goes without saying. What makes is even more spectacular is the storyline and the dialogues. Its funny, witty and extremely engaging. Its about this "Fat" Panda who lives in china and sells noodles, untill he is chosen as the "THE ONE" who will destroy the greatest villian alive. You got the see the fight sequences to believe them. Seriously - awesome. Our hero cant even climb 5 steps without panting, let alone do KUNG FU. Its about how he starts believing in himself and how he finally defeats his nemesis! hehehehe.. its very funny!

I suggest , log on to the website of a theater and book a ticket "Turant- fauran- abhich- now" hehehehe.. I am still laughing.. He is so cute :) Go get Po! .. I mean .. oN yOUR mARK, gET sET PO!!!!


ArvIND said...

Hi All,

I have seen this movie as well & I agree 100% with what Vicky has written..it is simply "fat"abulous :).. a not to be missed extravaganza!


lavender tulips【ツ】 said...

Absoluely brilliant movie, couldn't agree more with the review. Please go see it! I snorted in the cinema 'cuz I was laughing so hard. I guarantee, so will you!! =)

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