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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Review : HANCOCK - Wasted opportunity...

RATING: 4 /10
Normally, I wudnt dare write a review, when Priti ji has already written one (her review). But I have made an exception because I had to say something about this movie. It has made enormous first week collections, but I think things would start going down hill from the next week onwards, cos quiet frankly this movie doesnt work. You would probably come out of the theater wondering how the hell could a director let the movie go so wayyyyy out of hand!

What an amazing plot... A detested super hero.. A Drunkard, egotistical, destructive super-hero, who saves a life of a PR agent, who in turn helps our hero improve his social image. So far so good. But then there is a twist in the story, which makes you feel, the movie is gonna go up a few notches post interval. Unfortunately, it drops to level zero.. Infact, it crash lands...

I have to try really really hard to understand in what hour of utter insanity, did the story writer come up with such a dreadful twist in the storyline! Doesnt work bro! Aboslutely not... Infact it does not even make sense.

Technically, visually the movie is amazing. Will Smith revels as John Hancock and Charlize Theron sizzles on screen. Some dialogues and the comedy in the first half is good. But the main villian of this film is its story! Also, there is no novelty left in the character after this film, so I dont see how this franchise could have a sequel. Its better if we just leave this experiment as a hopeless one and move to better things .. Like the Dark Knight or HULK and Iron man coming together! I specially am hard on this movie because it had enormous potential, with such an amazing character at hand, but they completely goofed it up!


Rigved said...

I wasted my $10 and 2 hours to watch this movie. Rightly said - "A wasted opportunity". Just couldn't make sense of dialogs like - "We were made in pairs" or "Lets bring your energy back" or "We lose energy when we come together". Absolutely hopeless. Just couldn't understand the concept.

Pavan said...

thanks vicky...i wil watch kunfu panda instead!!

lavender tulips【ツ】 said...

This is such a RUBBISH movie, I wanted to get a refund on the five pounds I spent going to watch this crap. Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless. What was Will Smith thinking when he agreed to this movie?!?!

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