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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Dear MovieMaker Sir,

I totally understand that making a sci-fi movie is very costly now a days. The state of art equipment, technology and graphics is a necessity in such movies and they don’t come cheap. But you still need to engage and pay a scriptwriter to write a plot for your movie.

Disgruntled Viewer

The movie is the about journey of a scientist to the center of the earth with his nephew and a mountain guide. He has lost his brother already in such a mission.

There is nothing scientific or even logical about the movie, unlike Jurassic Park. The sequence of events is very lame. The hero directly lands in his brother’s abode in the center of the earth. And the place is calm enough for some emotions and romance, sporadic entries of flying fishes, dinosaurs, carnivorous plants do take place…but nothing to take your breath away though the hero does get to remove the sleeves of his shirt and show some muscles.

I am not sure how small is the center of the earth but may be its as big as a mall because characters seem to be meeting and getting lost at will.

The only plot of the movie that I could figure out was to show that the journey to the center of the earth is almost smooth, at your convenience/will and u get rich, so everyone should give it a shot…

HELP !! Scriptwriter!!!

My ratings: 1/5

1 comment:

Pavan said...

Priti, i guess these types of movies are made for American audiences and a nations like ours should avoid such stuff.

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