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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movie Reviews - NARNIA and SPEED RACER

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5.5/10

This movie is just about watchable. The movie is a continuation of the hugely succesful first part, but does not live up to the expectations. This is mainly due to the insipid storyline. The creators probably should have added some masala into this film or should have cut down its lenght, because the product is mostly boring. The special effects, the graphics, the cinematograhy etc are exceptional, but then which hollywood film doesnt have amazing special efects? It cannot be the only reason to watch this film, you need something more - an intersting plot. A slow moving movie isnt automatically a boring one, but this one is both. Even children would lose patience after 2 hours I guess, coz this one goes on for approx 2:30 hours. Overall, its just about watchable, but not quiet good. For fantasy freaks, it would surely be a let down.

Rating: 6 / 10

I went to this movie for timepass and it surely passed that test. This movie is sprightly and it delights. The creators of Matrix bring to life this Japanese cartoon and keep alive the spirit aswell. For those who havent been initiated, Speed Racer is the name of a Car racer, who belongs to a Racing Maniac family. His brother was also a racer and lost his life during a race. His father is the manager, cum mechanic who comes builds the Cars in which he races. There are a whole bunch of delightful characters - but one's that stand out are his little brother and his monkey. Their antics are worth the money you spend on the ticket.

The movie deals with the influence of Corporates and Politics on Auto-Racing and how speed racer fights against this cartel. This movie has it all, comedy, suspense, drama and fast paced racing action. It will take you some time to swallow the Animated World that the Wachowski brothers have created but once you do, put on the speedbelt and hang on for the wonderful ride. The best part about this film is that, it is entertaining, has wonderful comedy and its pace keeps increasing untill it culminates into a crescendo. You would surely walk out happily out of this one. So enjoy....

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