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Friday, May 30, 2008

Movie review : Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of crystal skull -- Adventure at its best

Genre: Adventure
Rating: 7.5 / 10

Boy, what a ride.... Well some hero's dont grow old, some sequels dont go bad and this one surely proves that. With a team like George Lucas - Story, Harrison Ford - Hero, Cate Blanchett - the vamp and Steven Speilberg - Director , you can hardly go wrong. Throw in a pot pouri of stunts, some amazing locales, a mind bending archeological adventure and some amazing sequences of acrobatics, pure luck and comedy - and you get a sure fire entertainer.

Sure the story wuld seem to far fetched, but thats just the goal. How you get to the goal is far more important and I must say the journey is a damn good one. So , once again the Russians are after some power beyond imagination, they are in the pursuit of knowledge far greater than any other known to mankind - knowledge of the paranormal, the supernatural and the way to get this is by finding a Crystal skull and taking it to its destined place. Mr. Henry Jones urf Indiana Jones is dragged along this twisted adventure because of his peerless knowledge. On the way he runs, leaps, punches, kicks, finds his long lost girlfriend, discovers his only son and simply rocks as only he can. There are these insane scenes of pure conincidences, of jigsaw puzzle type action sequences - where everything fits just right in the end. Indiana remains as lucky as ever, and he remains as adventurous as ever. His wife says when his son asks her "whats he gonna do now?" she replies "I dont know, even he doesnt. He doesnt plan that far!!!" .. And thats how the movie unravels - one mind bending sequence after another.

Harrison Fords rules . A big bow to him. Its sad that this might be his last Indiana Jones, but I would love it if he continues on and on for years to come by, even if he is on a wheelchair. Because he brings the character -Indiana Jones - his personality and grace. His successor is Shia LaBeouf. Though he has potential, but he has mighty big shoes to fill. He is OK along with Ford, but without him I fear he might fall flat.

Then again you can always be sure of one thing. If Steven directs it and George writes it, You will love it :)... (Spielberg, Lucas and Ford) Rock on you 3 legends of Cinema ....

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