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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Movie Review - Forbidden Kingdom - Timepass fare

Genre: Fantasy/Kungfu

Rating: 5.5/10

Some films are made for timepass, and this one's ideal for that. Jackie Chan completely rocks it and manages to keep you in splits with his drunken antics. This movie is basically a fantasy flick which is extremely cliched and is like the recipe Love stories of SRK, predictable. But for the inclusion of Jackie, this would have probably gone down the drain. He makes it enjoyable.

So its about this American Guy, who is obsessed with Kung-Fu flicks and eats, sleeps and dreams about Kung-Fu. He gets teleported to this Forbidden Kingdom when he comes across an Enchanted Shaft belonging to the Monkey King. He becomes the messenger, the prophecy who is destined to give ot back to the Monkey King. But its not that simple. First he does not know Chinese - but thats easily overcome, because mysteriously in this magical place in China, everyone can speak english! Then there is the Evil General who has this brutal dictatorship over the land and he does not want the prophecy to be fulfilled. The american guy has legions and legions of soldiers to combat in order to give the shaft back. In this task he is helped by 2 monks. One - a drunken master - Jackie Chan and a diligent monk - Jet Lee. These 2 not only teach him Kung-Fu but also help him in his expedition.

What works for the movie is Jackie Chan's comedy and some amazing Kung-fu combat scenes - specially the one between Jackie and Jet Lee. But do not expect anything great from the movie. It's a simple fantasy flick with all the Masala used over the ages for such a flick. So, go over in this vacation time and enjoy, simply.....

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