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Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man - A decent start

Genre : Super Hero
Rating : 6/10

I went to this movie with inflated expectations, bouyed by the rave reviews everywhere. Yes, I also go through some stuff sometimes...
First the good stuff... The strongest part of this film, is the cutting edge technology. To even think of such advanced technology is extraordinary. You cannot get sci-fi more realistic than this. Hollywood has almost perfected their use of some mind boggling graphics and it completely keeps u mesmerised. What makes it really unbelievable is thats its so believable!!! Also, Robert Downey Jr. has come up with a really strong performance. His potrayal of a brash, super intelligent scientist, who turns into a savior is one of the plus points for this film. One more plus point is that IRON MAN is no freak of nature, he is just a scientist who through his inventions becomes the superhero.

But apart from this, I thought it was just an ALRITE superhero movie. This is the first movie of this extremely promising series, hence some time has been spent on the build up. So it takes some time to get started. But even when it is flowing there are really no big surprises as far as the story is concerned. Its extremely predictable. Its caught somewhere between Batman Begins and Spiderman. Batman begins comes closest to this movie, but Batman had a very strong story to back up the technological gimmickry. It tries the emotional touch of Spiderman, but fails there aswell... It doesnt falter as much as a SPIDERMAN returns, but it has its drawbacks. The villian track is really weak and it takes AFGHAN covert terrorist groups to be utter nitwits. It even makes all the scientists in the US, apart from the hero look like utter idiots.. You have to see the movie to believe me, because I dont want to give away the story. The love interest track with Gwyneth Paltrow is also boring.

OK, as just a timepass , comic book superhero caper, this is above average. So I sure think you should go ahead and watch it... For the amazing display of cutting edge technology, if nothing else.... This movie lifts the expectations for the next few IRON MAN movies, but if I have to judge this film alone, I would say I have seen much better superhero films..

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