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Friday, January 25, 2008

Review - Sunday - Nothin Sunny About this one!

Rating : 3/ 10

Senseless -thats what you would call this one. From the acting , to the direction, to the screen play. Everything is pure nonsense. Rohit Shetty has now had 3 films - the disastorous Zameen, the no-brainer but entertaining Golmaal, and now this Senseless - Sunday.

This film is actually lifted straight from a Telugu film called "Anukokunda oka roju", which I incidentally saw about 4 days ago. That film was extremely engaging and realistic. Only the end was a little too far fetched and there were some glitches here and there. So, when I came to know that Sunday is going to be made on the same script, I was expecting Rohit Shetty to iron out the glitches in the plot and change the ending. He did change the ending, but rather than ironing out the problems, he has destroyed the rest of the film. Literally. You have to see both the films to really understand what I mean.

The film is about this girl who goes to this party one night and when she awakens , she realises that she has missed out on an entire day. She doesnt even remember how she got back home. She is then followed by a mysterious gang and a taxi driver. Both claim to know her, even though she doesnt. She informs the police and then starts the investigationm to find out what consipred on that missing day.

The plot is great, but the treatment is pathetic. The songs are forgettable and the placement ridiculous. Sometimes such movies instigate me to make films. Atleast I could make a film on-par with this stuff. Anyways, in the acting department "Ayesha" who is the central character fails to impress. Ajay Devgan has an Okayish Role, while Arshad Warsi is stale(He needs to introspect and do some different roles for a change). In my view Irrfan Khan tries hard, but fails to tickle your funny bone too much. I dont blame the actors; its the dialogue writer, the script writer, the screen play writer who deserve all the flack. The film is too loose and flawed. Maybe if I would have watched this film before the Telugu flick, I would I been less critical, but when you see how some truly awesome scenes have been murdered by the adapter, you cringe. Watch the Telugu flick if you can. It has some truly amazing comedy scenes and a better and tighter execution. Even the preformances are better.
Rohit Shetty should now try making an original film. Golmaal was also adapted. He basically lacks the vision and talent requisite of his position. He even copies an action sequence from a Telugu film called Pokhiri (which incidentally is an awesome film). He completely lacks originality and when he does try something different it is crappy.

If you get a ticket around 60-70, then and only then venture the cinema halls. That too just to chillax in that environment or with your friends, to enjoy the few laughs that the film has on offer. I cannot say whether this film will flop or not, because box-office reports say WELCOME has grossed well above Taare Zameen Par. If a total B&*$ S#$% film like WELCOME can gross around 110 Crores, then this film can be a Smash Hit aswell...

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