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Friday, January 25, 2008

Review - "National Treasure - Book of secrets" - A Popcorn Flick

Rating: 5 /10 .

The movie as you would have seen in the box-office reports, hasnt exactly set the screen on fire. Neither has it got any critical acclaim. I realised why when I saw this movie.

Though it is complete timepass and a fast paced movie, its lost the charm of the first endevour. You get a feeling that the director is trying hard to entertain. You also get a feeling that the director thought of the end first and then worked backwards, thinking of amazing ways to make the clues un-fathomable to anyone but Nicholas Cage.

Its got all the cliche's you could possibly think of. Its got an estranged couple, coming back together to solve a mystery and you know what happens in the end. Ofcourse they kiss and make up. Then there is the damsel in distress bit. To top it theres the bumbling side kick. A few more weaknesses for the hero, like his mom and dad, make it very simple for the villian to control the strings.

So, Nicholas Cage is giving a speech when Ed Harris(humaara pyaara villian) comes and accuses Cage's great grandfather of being a traitor and one of the conspirators who killed Abraham Lincoln!! Yeah right!!! To clear his name, Cage decides to find a CITY OF GOLD, which could prove his great grandfathers innocence. Then starts a not so special ride, which has some ridiculous conspiracies and some mind boggling secrets. He even kidnaps the President of United States to get to the bottom of this mystery!! can you beat that???

Overall a timepass flick, perfect for a boring afternoon. So if you get a softcopy of this, do watch it with some home popcorn.

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