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Friday, January 25, 2008

Review - Taare Zameen Par - Sparkling

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Disclaimer : I am a big big big Aamir fan… So this review is truly, totally, completely and comprehensively biased Aamir has done it again and this time not as an actor, but a director. Being his debut you simply cannot ask for more. But, TZP is not just about Aamir, infact its not atall about Aamir. He simply dedicates every take to the Kids. He hands over a canvas and some colors to the kids and lets them go wild in their imagination. And this is why this movie is simply sparkling.

The movie is about this kid Darsheel who is like any other boy, but isnt. His perception of this world is completely different from others and nobody understands him. His parents try to force studies into him, but he does his best to simply run wild. Why doesnt he understand? Why does he feel frustrated with the world, with himself? These questions form the Heart of the film and are dealt with amazing sensitivity.

If I try to find a fault in this movie, I would say its the runtime. It could have been shortened by half an hour. But this is due to Aamir’s preoccupation to perfection. The amount of detailing he does to dig through the surface of his protagonist’s character (Darsheel) to the depths of his perception can be simply described as Meticulous. In this very exercise, some scenes leave you waiting for the next scene.

Now to the good part and there are so so many. This film is about the kids, dedicated to every kid, but not directed towards the kids. The message is well and truely for the parents, for the wanna-be parents, for those who have been through it all. And the message never comes as a speech, but through the narration of the film. Its a tribute to childhood in many respects. You would watch every scene and identify with it, be it the punishments in school or at home, be it the tussles with other kids, or the stereotypical professors.

The songs of the film are Tailor made for it. They carry the narrative, drive in the emotions, the message and are well and truly bound to the script. They become the script. The whole cast plays its role with aplomb. Aamir is restrained and effective, but Darsheel steals the show with the sparkle in his eye, with his bunny face, with his amazingly expressive face and his touching performance.

Due credit should be given to Amol Gupte for an excellent story and the whole team for the depth of research on the topic. The sincerity in the research and the belief in the cause by Amol Gupte, reflects in the narrative and tugs chords in your heart. And his dedication and belief has payed off.

I dont know how this movie would have turned out, had Amol directed it, but Aamir has shown class in his directorial debut. The use of colors, the continuity of scenes, the use of the background score, the panning of the camera to capture the emotions and the symbollic shots are excellent. Just that in building up his character, he goes to the limits and this could be curbed.

The movie never forces you to shed tears, but its power makes you. Be it tears of happiness or despair, you start living with the kids. It tackles a serious topic like Dyslexia and brings it to the fore with force. So, I urge you to catch the first show you can and enjoy. Its not a no-brainer comedy, its intense and meticulous. You might have your complaints, but I am sure, you would love it.

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