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Monday, January 28, 2008

Review - John RAMBO - Because sometimes Mayhem doesnt require a reason!

Rating: 4 / 10

Oh! so Sly is back... with his legacy John Rambo. When he came back with ROCKY, I came out of the theater satisfied. The movie had the underdog flavour to it; it retained its charm, the never say die spirit. But, this film has confused me completely.

Its like my friend said, maybe SLY got the idea of the film in the LOO and finished the script in the LOO too! It must have taken hardly 5 minutes. He must have had the sudden craving for Mayhem, massacre and slaughter. A craving to cut in 2 a person with his knife, to tear a persons throat out with his bear hands, to take a big machine gun and spill peoples guts out. And to satiate that craving would have immediately started this enterprise.

While I was watching this movie, I couldnt help but wonder if this was what RAMBO signified. Was it all about displaying intestines and massacres? Was it meant to be a medium to vent Anger, frustrations of the directors and the actors involved? Was it always just mindless and pointless action? or was it something else? Maybe Sylvester should look back at this movie and introspect.

So, coming back to the movie. Mayanmar is under some military regime, who entertains itself by killing an entire village and spilling their internal organs all over the fields. There is no reason given for this atrocity. Its unabashed violence. John stays in Vietnam and catches and sells snakes!!! A group of americans, who believes in making a difference in society and ending the massacre in myanmar, come to Rambo to give them a lift into Myanmar territory. Once he drops them there, they are captured and kept with pigs. So, our hero reluctantly comes back and saves the day, by finishing off the 100 odd men platoon who has kept the group in custody; yeah - he gets help from some mercenaries. His solution to killing so many people is quiet simple. Get on to a big truck carrying a big big gun and just blow their guts away!!! Thats that.... so simple.

Maybe it would have been better if SLY would have just let this one go. and I hope he doesnt come back with any more of such senile stuff. or maybe one day when he is 90, he might sit in the loo and get an idea of making another sequel and in that movie he might just Nuke VIETNAM or some other asian country and simply show mutilated bodies, exploding brains and bodies disintegrating. Too bad John Rambo had to end this way.

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