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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Review - Mithya - Dissapointing....

Rating 5.5 / 10

"Chane ke jhaad pe chadhaaya, fir wahan se dhakka dey diya" that was the first thought in my mind, when I came out of the theater. My expectations + the good reviews doubled my enthusiasm to see this film and to say that I was more than a bit dissapointed would be an understatement. Ok, it had its moments but overall just an average film with some exceptional scenes.

Mithya - is a story of a struggling actor (Ranvir Shourey) who gets mixed up in a gang-war. And then starts a game of deception, double crossing and elimination. I dont want to disclose the story - written by Rajat Kapur and Saurab Shukla, which has been picked from an old french movie!

The movie has its amazing moments. And they are delivered by our protagonist - Ranvir. His goofy style fits the charcter completely and his attention to detail is also worth appreciating. But alas, he doesnt have the capacity to carry the weight of this film on his wiry shoulders. Neha Dhupia is used like a show-piece and is just about ok. Naseer also has a small role which he does with elan. Other characters just help the movie move forward and are gunned down when required.

But, the movie lacks pace and direction. You wonder where is the story heading. A slow movie is not necessarily a boring one, this was both - in parts. Towards the end you start to wonder what the hell is going on! Ranvir looks goofy even in pain and hence you dont feel his pain. Rajat Kapur has missed a trick or two and this movie could well have been cut to around 1:30 hour ( like Being Cyrus).

If you go to this movie with too many expectations, you might well be as dissapointed as me. It is a nice little movie which is different in its treatment is worth a watch; but I really dont feel its a good movie, its just about above average!

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