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Friday, August 24, 2007

Heyy Babyy

Overall Rating 5/10

Hi friends

I went to see this movie with great hope. And the star attraction at least for me was voluptous Vidya Balan.

But, the movie was not that good. It was full of senti stuff. And I kept on wondering it would have been better, if Akshay Kumar was replaced by senti king Shahrukh Khan. And to my surprise he did appeared, though for few moments only.

The movie wanted to give some message to the audience, but due to overacting and overdramatization, the message was diluted. But, it had some good things like, in between the musical movie, we did get a chance to hear some dialogues. Then hot Australian babes. Then above all the last song 'Dil Da Mamla' was mind blowing. I was just missing the dance floor.

I think the movie was adapted by 'Three men and a baby' , but as inevitable as per Bollywood style, it got flavor of Mrs Doubtfire too.

At last I would say, it is the only good movie except Chak De India on the recent Bollywood Box Office.


Anonymous said...

I am agree with prabal review.This movie has more senti stuff then comedy.... Also i expect so much from sajid khan as he said that he married to cinema and movies are his life and wife.... then why he made movie like this.... He could make it much better by focus on his core stength thats comedy.... Well but i must say dont spend too much money on it and ya u can watch it atleast once.

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

boss .. yeh last sentence toh bahut hi badhiya likha hai.. iska matlab hai ANDHO main KAANA raja... U mean buddha marr gaya, kaafila, kaise kahein jaise dudds hain toh hum yeh bear kar lein :)hehehehe... waise good I didnt see this movie! thank god!

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