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Monday, August 27, 2007

Sexy n Stylish

The movie was promised to be a frill free love story. It is more than that. It boasts of very stylish, sexy and next door characters as leading pair; supported by adorable supporting cast especially wise sexy and sweet Zohra Sehgal. As some one who do not think that a sixty something falling in love with thirty something is not a big deal, you will still love the movie.
Paresh Rawal’s character, takes this truly ‘different’ love story to the routine beaten track towards the end. But you forgive the director for giving you the refreshing new age romanticism for most of the movie.
The real show stealer are the dialogues. They are absolute crackers at times.
Honestly, it one bollywood romantic story, you will love to be a part of.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

1 comment:

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

I cudnt agree less, the repartees and the witty dialogues steal the show. Infact the attitudes of the main leads itself makes this movie worth more than a watch!

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