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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blue Umbrella

This Movie is a b'ful screenplay of Ruskin Bond story by the same name. Like a typical Ruskin Bond story, it is a story for the kids equally palatable for the adults!

Set in an idyllic north indian hill station village,it is a story of a small girl , Biniya, played by Shreya Sharma, with much elan. Biniya trades off her lucky charm with a group of Japanese tourists, for a blue umbrella
Biniya's object of fantasy becomes an object of envy and desire for the kids and adults alike.
Nandkishore Khatri,played by seasoned actor and threatre artist Pankaj Kapoor, the tea stall owner tries to allure Biniya to sell off her Blue Umbrella for anything that a kid could desire and Masterji's wife is spending restless days trying to get a similar one.

And one day the umbrella vanishes, while the girl is out grazing her stock. The ebulient Biniya looses her sleep and laughter. While villagers try to convince her that umbrella is lost to the hills, the girl thinks otherwise.

Biniya's search for the missing umbrella is an essay on a child's resolve and simplicity of heart

Gulzar lyrics blend into the backdrop, his inimmitable style.

Must watch if you believe life could be black and white and not all shades of grey!
Like childhood and adulthood!

For all those who believe in good cinema!

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Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

Hey suchi! I am a lover of good cinema, n I am sad that I have missed such a good film. I was looking forward to this movie and I missed it somehow.! Now eagerly awaiting the DVD release!

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