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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chak De India

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and Virinder urf Fundamentor

Rating : 7/10 (Must Watch Once)

Chak De India is a Bollywood film,directed by Shimit Amin starring Shahrukh Khan and Vidya Malvade in lead roles. The movie revolves around the story a ex Indian Hockey Captain who later coaches girl's Hockey team for World Championship.


Chak De India revolves around the story of a Hockey coach for a girl's team, Meer Ranjan Negi , a player, who was charged with match fixing allegation in 1982 when India lost to Pakistan in the Asian Games in Delhi. Negi, later went on to coach the Women’s Hockey team that made India proud at the Manchester Common Wealth Games in 2002 by winning the Gold.

Kabir Khan(Shahrukh Khan) Captain of Indian Mens Hockey team misses the last minute Penalty stroke in the final of the World Cup to give Pakistan a win. The team loses the world cup and the blame goes on the captain i.e. Kabir Khan. As usual the Indian Media made him a Traitor from a national Hero with their assumptions. The public also went against him and now he needs to get his honor back and prove that he is not a traitor.

My Review:
For a change Sharukh movie was concentrated more on the theme than on him. After being isolated for 7 years 3 months and hmmmmm 14 days suddenly he comes back to try and get position of Coach of Indian Womens Hockey team which as per the association cannot beat even a school team from European Countries.
Now, several years later, he gets a chance for proving all those minority bashers wrong. His task is to coach the women's hockey team; his dream is to make it win the World Cup, an impossible feat. Because, in the first place, there is no team, just a bunch of 16 girls who have come together with a baggage of class, region and interpersonal rivalries. The small town girls hate the uber snobs; the city-slickers think Jharkand is a jungle, the seniors can't handle the juniors stealing the limelight and petty camps create a virtual gang-war which even builds into a mutiny against the disciplinarian coach. The only thing that brings them together is gender bias — something they all have faced at some point of their life — desh-bhakti and coach bhakti...
After the tussles between coach and senior players, senior players and juniors suddenly the team comes becomes united and gets ready to play as per the coach.
When the ray of hope comes in favour of the coach the association closes doors on the team and refuse to send them for the championship, the coach challenges the mens side for a ticket to the championship. As in typical bollywood movie the team takes thrashes from all side only when the member of association challenges their gender every1 wakes up and tries to read IMPOSSIBLE as I M POSSIBLE, unfortunately the tiffs between juniors and seniors is seen on the field and they lose the game but manages to get the ticket to Australia.
The rest is a dream come true for all 16 gurls and the coach. The route from 1st game's humiliation to the finals is worth a watch.

Whats On : Passion for the game and the country where the states , clubs and regions are kept behind the country is good to watch.

Whats Not: More focus on the game like it was in Lagaan a bit more enthu would have made the movie more exciting.

Overall it is good movie and worth a watch.


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

deadly job afzal bhai,.... :)

Afzy said...

Thanks Vikcy bhai ..... sure will post more n more

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