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Thursday, August 16, 2007

All style, no content!

Style is a way of narration. But funny how many movies are made with only style and no content? This movie kills you as you get confused between so many actors with none of them having a characterization, all of them come to the screen only to look cool, confident and chic; but floundering at reasonability.

For example Sunil Shetty (after tying a blindfold over his glares), Shamita Shetty (to have breakfast), Esha Deol (at the drop of a hat), Ritesh (to run away from cops), and Zayed khan(for roof(car)top shooting) all seem to be running amok on the roads, behind the wheels. Most of the situations do not signify anything in the movie except that the action director had a fetish for cars and that director solemnly believed that you can’t be cool without cars.

Many parallel threads run through the movie, scenes of these threads alternate with the purpose to intrigue you and keep you glued to the seat. But they end up irritating you as the sequence of the scenes gives a feeling of discontinuity.

The animation and reality superimposition is a beautiful concept even though it is not original. But it is used too often in the movie and when used between the action sequences, it makes the already chalky action sequences, a little more unfathomable.

This movie should be included in the curriculum of film institute as to how a good director, bunch of reasonably good actors, big budget, foreign location, cool cars can all go wrong, if you miss that little something called a story. :)

--Priti Sankhla


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

hahahah priti,,, awesome review... I must say I like ur style and the use of words... rock on

Prabal Aggarwal said...

hehe Priti
you can see the other review of the same movie written by me in the same blog.

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