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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kafila- The Final Survivors

Overall Rating 4/10

Kafila is the movie based on real life story of Malta Boat Tragedy, few years back.

In between the exams i went to see it , as i wanted the break. I knew the movie is not that good, but still went for it with least expectations. I went for it, cause I am Punjabi and for a punjabi its very tough to resist Sunny Deol's movie.

The movie had all the larger than life figure of Sunny. But there were some good things I didn't expect from it. The good things were actual shooting in Afganisthan and erstwhile USSR. Then there was realistic portrayal of giant sea wave. And above all the over portrayal of skin of hot Russian babes.

The story line is good till second last phase of movie, with the theme in this world of greed ' Expect Unexpected!!'.

Also it shows national integeration spirit and also that Pakistani's and Bangaldeshi's also share emotions like us.

The movie tried to portray that the good relations are possible between India & Pakistan, only thing required is true will.

Above all it gave a beautiful message, that ' Home is ultimately Home' and its landing oneselves into cruel and brutal circumstances by embracing illegal means of immigration.

I am just wondering, why it took so many years for such a movie to come out. Had it come out earlier, it might have saved many Indians from undergoing the grind of illegal immigration.

At last, seeing the movies like Kabul Express, Krish and Kafila, I feel happy that Bollywood is at least trying to come out with better graphics and true depiction of real life stories.

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Anonymous said...

so u actually enjoyed the movie??? baap rE baap

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