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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chak De India

Rating: Beyond Rating-Just too good

This movie is gonna take your heart out for India.What a movie? A true display of courage,spirit and patriotism

Kabir Khan(Shahrukh Khan) is an awesome hockey player playing for team India.However the team loses the world cup and the blame goes on the captain i.e. Kabir Khan.He is also blamed for fixing the match and his image is defoiled by the media.The public is also against him and now he needs to get his honour back and he needs to prove to the country that he loves India and do anything for it and that he is not a traitor.
After living 7 years in isolation finally he strikes back by becoming the coach of the Indian women hockey team and his challenge is to make them win the world cup.The best players of India are brought together and prepared for the world cup.The diversity of the team poses a greater challenge to the coach to establish a world class team.However, he is successful in doing the same and Indian Hockey team wins the world cup

My Review:
The movie convincingly covers a lot of aspects like the dispute between people of India reflected in the team.The team comprises of players from Haryana,Punjab,Andhra Pradesh,Manipur,Jharkand,etc. When asked to introduce themselves to the coach each one adds the name of the state with their name.Kabir tells them to add India and not name of states along with their names.Only once they recognise teh fact that they are playing for the country can they gather the spirit to succeed.
Another thing which comes out in the movie is the death of hockey in India and how looked upon it is.Above that what the movie shows gender bias in sports i.e. women are generally accepted as being housewives and not sports people.It also shows the most basic reason for India's failure in sports at an international sport-lak of tam spirit.The movie beautifully tackles each and every such issue.
You wont move an inch from your seat in the movie hall.You are completely captured by the film running in front of u.It seems as if you are part of the movie and watching a live performance or a live hockey match.I am not a hockey game fan but the thrill,passion and spirit in the movie mesmerizes you.You are in a different world.

About Shahruh Khan and Director:
This man has done a lifetime performance.He has exhibited such composure and passion that his work is indeed commendable.Apart from Shahrukh, the girls in teh team also stand out.Each one has a special part to play.Two catch your attenton with their punjabi and haryanvi accents,one with her awesome looks,another with her great hold on the game.
The direction is flawless.The movie just flows and you flow with it.Finally Seeing is Believing so go ahead and watch it.


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

Baaba re itni taareef... Ab toh kalhi dekhni padegi :) waise fundu review style , I really like it !!!

Rama's SCREEN said...

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