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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - Dough!!! its Sumptuous!

Rating : 7 Doughnuts --- outta 10... Homer ate away the other 3!!!

The blog seemed incomplete without the review of the movie I was so eagerly awaiting. And because of the tussle between the Warner Brother Hot heads and Multiplexes, my anticipation was further accentuated!!! But phynalllllllyyyyyyyyyyy I got to see the Simpsons in action today and I must say my expectation was neither unjustified nor my anticipation sullied. Homer lived up to his pitiful, idiotic, and clumsy self! For me, Homer can do no GOOD anyways J and nobody is a better LOSER…. This guy is the pits (Don’t worry he likes it there.. might even start stealing and eating worms from dogs, down there)

So, the Movie is all about HOMER screwing up again (Like hell he wont!!!) But, this time its one of the biggest screw-ups in the history of Homer screw-ups. Yes, I went through the 363 Billion screw-ups of Homer till date!!! This time he manages to pollute his SPRINGFIELD so bad that the town is literally domed out from this world by the US government. While the whole town bays for Homer’s blood, Homer is busy Hammering his eye, playing with a pig, thinking of doughnuts! What ensues is Homers escape from the bottled town and return to save it from being annihilated. :) You know Homer will goof up big time again to save the day.

What makes this movie live up to the expectations is that it stays as unconventional and controversial as it always has been. What makes it a success is that Homer – the guy with a Pea sized brain (Don’t tell him, he will eat it) - keeps you in splits with his non-stop buffoonery. What makes it so awesome is the Brattish Brat still loves exploding stuff, playing king size pranks on his Dumb-father. What makes it loveable is that Simpson’s never seem to surprise to the levels they can stoop.

A special round of applause for the creators and the outstanding ‘Dan Castellaneta’ for lending his voice to Homer. The creators show ingenuity of the highest order – to come up with the most brilliant jokes. The movie is an extension of the TV show. It always was and still remains wild and whacky. What differentiates the movie from the TV show is that it doesn’t end in 20 minutes and that we see Homer hogging and goofing up on big screen – that’s the only difference. Is’nt that just great :). If you are a Homer Fan, and if you are missing this one – then may Itchy and scratchy come and explode you into smithereens.


Rajat Soni said...

Hey the movie looks fun to watch...n i ma not a homer fan but from ur review im curious to know abt him...so will have to see the movie soon....gud review

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

hehehehe.. if u dont know Homer... U r missing sumthing bro... watch it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Virinder,
I agree with you. In the movie Homer is far too conniving than on the TV show (the way he tricks Marge into forgiving him with mushy talk). But over all the movie had a lot of laughs and I had fun watching it. I wish they had involved the characters (other than the Simpsons family) a bit more in the plot although it is hard 'coz there are so many of them.


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