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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Roman Holiday - Charming!

This much copied classic is one fun filled film. At the helm of things are 2 legends - Gregory Peck and the b-e-a-utifull Audrey Hepburn. She is damn cute and incidentally won an Oscar for the performance in this film.

The film is about this Cute Princess who is on a tour across Europe as a PR activity. She feels constrained and her life is Scheduled and protected. She craves to break free when she sees people dancing on the streets. So she escapes at night. Gregory Peck is a reporter who lives on loans. He never has cash. He stumbles into her that night and there starts the magic. The chemistry is electric. The humour subtle. The princess is so happy to be just an unknown girl. Gregory realises shez the princess and to get the most amazing story, takes her around Rome for a whole day. Quiet obviously they fall in love, but the sense of duty towards her family and country takes the princess back to her castle, while the reporter throws away the biggest story of his life - for he doesnt want to expose the princess.

What is so charming about the film is the story, the subtle comedy, the chemistry between the main actors and the amazing acting by them. Just looking at the innocent looking Audrey, you believe she is the Poor little rich kid who craves freedom. Gregory plays the perfect gentleman with the witty retorts and charming one-liners. Overall this movie is one hell of a charmer. Do not miss it. ( Dil Hai Ki maanta Nahi - the remake of this film was a very good adaptation - I must add!! )

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