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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Casablanca - Eternal Charm

Cast : Humphrey Boggart and Ingrid Bergman.

I have seen this movie in the top movies of all time list several times, so I had to see it and judge for myself. So, I watched it and it turned out to be an outstanding movie.

This movie is set in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. This place is not taken over by the Germans and is the place through which people can leave for America - if they get a "letter of transit". Rick - Humphrey Boggart is an owner of a night club in Casablanca and is quiet an influencial man. The local Police under command of the captain Louis Renault comes to Ricks club to catch a person who has robbed two "Letters of Transit". This they know is for the safe escape of a Czech Resistance leader Victor Laszlo, who is presently in Casablanca with his wife. They dont want him to escape because he had escaped a Nazi Concentration camp and was fighting a battle against the Germans. The Captain is aiding the Germans in getting Victor caught again and send him to a concentration camp, but they know they cant catch him without any evidence of wrong doing in a neutral territory. The guy who smuggles the Letters gives them to Rick for safeguarding, before getting caught.

When Victor and his wife Isla Lund (Ingrid Bergman) arrive at the famous night club, Rick recognises her as the girl who broke his heart recently. He loved her deeply and she had said she would come with him, only to leave him completely at sea, when the time came for escape from a city attacked by the Germans. He hates her for it. Isla loves Rick and wants to explain why she did not come with Rick. She tells him how she was already a married lady before she had met him. But abck then she was told that Victor had been killed in the concentration camp. On the day of the escape Victor had come back, so she cudnt leave him. She respected Victor a lot for being a revolutionary fighter and she could not possibly leave him when he needed her the most. She pleads Rick to give her the Letters of Transit for Victors escape, because it is for the greater good. Rick, jealous as ever first denies and then agrees on one condition -that she would stay back with him. She agrees. Then Rick plans the escape. The movie ends with an amazing sacrifice by Rick, for the greater good - because he sees what a great man Victor is. Don't worry, nothing happens to him - this movie has a happy ending :)

This may seem a movie surrounded by war, but is a great love story. One which has Seperation, Pain, Suffering, Sacrifice and Passion. Ingrid Bergman is one of the most beautiful woman you would ever see. She is spectacular. Humphrey Boggart is the spine of the film. He displays pain, jealousy and swagger with equal ease. I can see how these two are legends of Cinema. Overall the story is the winner. It was an Oscar winning movie of 1942 and runs for just over 90 minutes. But it surely is endearing and engaging. I enjoyed watching it and I will surely watch it several more times. I recommend this classic to one and all. Ah! Ingrid - U R divine:)

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