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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Rating 3/10
Strongly Not Recommended

Sohail Khan Production!David Dhawan Production!Salman Khan,Govinda,Katrina Kaif!Seems like a good recipe for success.But wait where is the script!Oops!!!Forget....sometimes that is also important to make a movie work.It is surely not another Biwi No.1 or Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

Story: Prem aka Salman Khan is the love guru changing life of people getting into the love territory or have lost their love.His love interest:Naina(Lara Dutta).Now one thing for sure...she is looking real hot in the movie.But that is about it.She is a newspaper journalist and a mom and happens to bump into Prem(Salman Khan) everytime she is being traced by some gangsters.Too much coincidence u see!Now guess what Bhaskar(Govinda) is doing the movie.He is madly in love with the rich and stylish Priya(Katrna Kaif) whom he wants to impress.So now he approached apna Prem for guidance.At first Prem keeps avoiding him bcoz he think it is impossible to impress that rich gal but later the mission is on.Ultimately Prem helps Bhaskar find his love and he finds his true love too.

My view: The movie has a boring and confused pace and there is no logical flow that can be seen.Few moments in the movie are good and that is about it.And ofcourse the movie is inspired by the hollywood flick "Hitch" but lemme tell you absolutely no match to that.The movie is dragged in the second half and one moment when it seems all issues have been resolved and everybody is happy the movie still doesn't end.It keeps uss wondering What Next!!! and like a typical Ekta Kapoor soap a new thing crops up bringing unnecessary differences between the couples.But yes now when the movie ends the last scene is indeed hillarious.What makes us smile now is also that the movie has finally ended.Oh!!What a relief!

Final Comment: Watch it at your own risk!!!!


Prabal Aggarwal said...

even i think by the narration itself its copy of 'Hitch'

Funda-mentor said...

Hehehehe fundu review dost...!!! main zaroor nahi dekhunga!!! hahahahahahahah

yogesh said...

HEy .... yaar actually movie is not as boring as rajat said in his review... Ya second half was slow... but on screen chemistry between Salman and Govinda was amazing.... well i will Say one time its a gud flick to watch.

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Bhai logo decide kar ke batao. agle teen din chhuti hai, so i need at least to see one movie. So kindly come to consensus

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