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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Grudge 2

Rating 6/10

First thing first,if you looking forward to watching Grudge 2,watch the Grudge 1 first,and if you really want to be terrified watch the Original Ju-On.The movie continues where it was left,the curse is buliding up and grudge is spreading.

The Grudge 2" takes place in three separate timelines. And that makes the movie even more comlex.The main plot involves events occurring immediately after the events of the first “Grudge." Here, Aubrey Davis (Amber Tamblyn) rushes to Japan to be at her sister Karen’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) side. It seems Karen has suffered some sort of mysterious accident, and Aubrey is urged by their mother .....

I stop here without revealing much into the plot,Takashi Shimizu has done a comendable job,and left enough a space to create a sequel,release awaited 2007.

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