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Friday, July 27, 2007


This picture is by Jagmohan Mundra. A story based on Kiranjeet Ahluwalia. It happened long back 1989. An Inidan woman killed his husband by burning him. This was case unique. This film is a flashback of (Kiranjeet) Aishwarya Rai. The film starts with burning of the husband by wife leaving a question in the minds of the audience why??? The answers are given later. How Kiran and Deepak started their life as any other lovely pair. The start was very happy like any other couple. But things go worst as the days passed by. The abuse was sexual, verbal, physical and mental. The money was not spend on home for even food but was spent on girls. This picture clearly depicts the mental agony she was going through. She was an not so fluent in English and was not able to tell anything about her turmoil to the police officers who thought that she was the murderer and used every means to get her a sentence for life term. But things changed when the press and people started supporting her. This led the case to be considered for retrial which never happened and her term for 3 years was accepted as the full term. She was released in 1992 and is leading her life in London. This picture is not about just Kiranjeet Ahluwalia. Her release helped four other women later to be released who were facing the same charges. The domestic violence depression was finally accepted as a legally accepted depression. This was a huge victory for women, because before this it was a cold blooded murder. This is a landmark case in the history of UK totally redefining the rights and the position of women in such trials. The picture is a nice depiction of all the incidences. Performance by Aishwarya Rai is commendable. She brings out Kiranjeet very well. Performances by others are also good especially by Nandita Das. Film can be seen not for fun but for a reason, for a cause that is affecting 50% population of the world. Kudos to Kiranjeet...

Rating : 5.5/10


Rajat Soni said...

What differentiated this movie from others was a gradual change in a woman gaining enough power to face the world and not make herself an idol of sympathy.Where movies end with killing or ounishing of husbands this movie started with that.Kudos to the makers of the movie

Prabal Aggarwal said...

hey where is it being shown i will like to go for it. hope at least rajat will accompany me :)

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

hmmm.... I didnt have faith in the director Mundra.. after all, he used to make B rated movies earlier. Hope he didnt lean towards his carnal instincts in this movie !!1 :) baaki let me know if u have a soft copy :P

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